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Naikuni Terms “Laughable” Kajiado Maji Awards Fete

Leaders on Friday termed as mediocrity an event organised by Kajiado county government to fete key players in water provision while residents are thirsty.

Kajiado celebrates mediocrity as thousands of people go without water.

Nominated senator Mary Seneta was first to throw a salvo at the organisers of the Maji Awards when she said she cannot be part of people celebrating shame.

“How can I attend that Kajiado County Maji Awards, to be part of the shame when the entire region is reeling shortage of water?” asked Seneta on the phone.

The senator said Nol-Turesh Water Company that is being managed by the county government has failed the people of Kajiado.

“Show me a single successful water project this government has put in place ever since governor Joseph Lenku promised the voters that he will provide water to all in 100 days in office?” asked Seneta.

Former Kenya Airways CEO, Titus Naikuni, who was recently appointed by Lenku to chair county water board after collapsing all other water bodies, said he cannot be part of the event taking place at ‘high’ class resort in Kitengela because he will be viewed as part of those celebrating mediocrity.

“I refused to take up the job because this county government is not serious about provision of water in the region. They refused to issue me with directors’ liability insurance that is a requirement to cushion me in case I am sued while at the helm of the board,” said Naikuni.

Naikuni claimed the entire Kajiado county has not been getting water from Nol-Turesh water pipeline because the county government has failed to pay electricity bill amounting to Sh5 million.

“How can they spend Sh10 million in organizing a day-long Maji Award in an expensive hotel while livestock and humans have no access to clean water,” said Naikuni.

Nol-Turesh Water Company acting MD, Gideon Ketente confirmed that the pipeline water has issues but cannot state the reason why the people of Kajiado are not getting water.

But Naikuni said; “let the truth be told to the people. We are not getting water because the county government has failed to reconnect electric power that was disconnected because of a Sh5 million bill.”

Residents of Kitengela have gone without fresh water for the last four months and no one in authority have explained the reason why taps have remained dry for such long.

Water vendors are now selling water from boreholes in the town at a cost of betweenSh50 and Sh70 depending on the distance covered to deliver the same.

The organisers of the event included Gemone Enterprises, Davis & Shirtiff, Kewasnet, World Vision and Maasai Store.



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