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Shock As Muthenya Academy Fires 11 Teachers Without Notice

Muthenya Academy, one of best performing private schools in Kitengela, today fired 11 teachers on claims it could not sustain their salaries.

Anne Muthenya, the school’s director ordered the sacking.

The sacked teacher’s accused the school’s administration of breaching their contractual rights by sacking them without prior notice as is provided in the labour laws.

Most of those affected claimed are subject masters in their classes who were previously poached from various private primary schools with a promise of increased wages.

“This action is against labour laws and we are appealing to concerned government agencies to come to our help. We have been fired; most of us have families and houses to pay their rent. Ministry of labour should take action against the school,” said one teacher.

They claimed the school has been paying their salaries through hand cash, and that it had not been remitting their National Social Security Fund deduction.

The head teacher of the school, Lucas Mugo, told KNU the affected teachers were fired after the school realised it could not sustain their salaries now that the pupils have gone on a long recess.

“As a matter of fact, I was called from home to come and assist the administration in the retrenching of teachers exercise. Those who were sacked had various issues of discipline and non-performance,” said Mugo.

[VIDEO] Shock As Muthenya Academy Fires 11 Teachers Without Notice

Reacting on allegations of indiscipline made by Mugo, the teachers displayed their commendation letters issued to them on Thursday morning.

Each of the teachers is highly recommended for the “great work” they have done to promote success of the school in national examination over the years.

Looking at the letters, no issue of indiscipline or no-performance was cited.

Last term, the affected teachers claimed, another teacher – George Mugo- was sacked without notice but he went to labour office in Athi River, Machakos County, to report his case.

The school’s director, Anne Muthenya, was allegedly compelled by the labour office to pay the teacher one month’s salary in lieu of notice.

There are more than 650 pupils in the school and after today’s retrenchment, 15 teachers are left.

It was not clear if the school will hire the same number of the sacked teachers when it re-opens early next year.



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