Kajiado County Commissioner Bans ‘Illegal’ Police Roadblocks

All heads of government agencies at Namanga border have been instructed to work together as one team in a bid to stem out corruption.

David Kipkemei in Namanga on November 7.

Kajiado County Commissioner, David Kipkemei, while on a tour of the border post with all heads of department in the region on Wednesday, held a meeting heads of agencies and instructed them to work as a team.

“From today, I want to take this instruction seriously. You are the creators of this corruption vice here at the border because you want to carry out inspection on goods as individuals so that you can ‘eat’,” warned Kipkemei.

Kipkemei said immigration, Kenya revenue, police officers and others under the multi urgency umbrella at the border will be working closely with each other to ensure law and order.

“The greatest culprits here are the police officers who are mounting illegal roadblocks everywhere between Namanga and Kajiado towns. From today, I am warning you, there will be no police officer allowed to mount illegal roadblocks and anyone found will be arrested and charged,” sounded Kipkemei.

He said he has received many complaints from road users that they are stopped unnecessary along Namanga/Kajiado route by police officers whose aim is to solicit bribes.

“I am working closely with all the county security commanders so that we can bring sanity and rid corruption. What is your business with a government vehicle on that road while our people are complaining about rising crime?” posed Kipkemei.

Kipkemei said all the government agencies operating at the border should view themselves as equals and no one should be seen as inferior.

“Inspection of goods and vehicles at the border will from today involve all the government agencies and once they leave the border, I do not expect other inspections along the road because those others are ways of soliciting bribes,” said the commissioner.

Meanwhile, the county commissioner separately told the KNU that two police officers have been replaced in Kajiado and Kitengela towns.

The two are Kajiado and Kitengela officers in charge of police stations. He said the two were replaced after public outcry over their conduct and suspected of aiding crime.

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