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Three Injured in Kitengela AIC Neema After a Wall Collapses

Three AIC – Neema members escaped death on Saturday after a truck in a parking lot hit and brought down a wall in Kitengela.

Kitengela AIC Neema Church members scamper to safety on November 3.

The Church shares a wall with a private parking lot for quarry trucks. The wall has not been enhanced with any pillars/beams and there poses great risk to church members and children who use the same facility as a school.

Immediately the driver of the truck realised he had injured three members of the church, he took off at a lightning speed leaving the injured under the wall rubble.

Youthful members of the Church could not match the speed at which the truck driver was moving at and thereby abandoned the chase mid-way.


As other members aided their injured colleagues from the rubble, bodaboda riders who saw the truck driver escape after the incident went for him and in less than 10 minutes they had arrested him and handed over to the church.

After he was handed over to the church the members, in a split of a second, had landed countless kicks and blows as the man asked for forgiveness.

Church elders had to intervene to save the truck driver and detain him as police officers were alerted.

The officers responded immediately and arrested the driver and confiscated his truck as the wounded were rushed to hospital.


The incident occurred as members were having meals after a wedding ceremony and the Church was full of worshipers.



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