Police Stops Alleged “Kidnappers” of KCPE Candidate in Mailwa School

There was drama at Mailwa Boarding Primary School in Kajiado when unknown people were repulsed by police as they attempted to kidnap a KCPE candidate.

Invigilator frisks candidates at Muthenya Academy before their last paper on November 1.

The incident happened on Wednesday night as the pupils had gone to sleep in their hostels when some people went direct to a girls’ hostel where their target was among other girls.

The candidate, a 14 year old girl, had been married off by her parents a day before the KCPE started on Tuesday but police rescued her on Monday night.

Kajiado County Commissioner David Kipkemei on Thursday confirmed the incident and said police guarding the examination centre spotted some people who were walking towards the school’s hostel and when they ordered them to stop they escaped in to the dark.

“We have since established that the same people who married off the minor are the same ones who wanted to kidnap the girl before she completes her final exam,” said Kipkemei on the phone.

[VIDEO] Muthenya Academy Pupils Prepare For Their Last Paper on November 1, 2018.

The commissioner said although the police have not managed to arrest the parents of the minor and her supposed suitor, the suspects are still under police radar.

“We are making all arrangements to move the girl to a rescue centre and save her from the wild parents. It has become evident now that they are determined to end her education career despite after they have been warned of their imminent arrest,” said the commissioner.

The minor is a pupil at Sere Primary School in Mailwa but she and others are sitting their examination at Mailwa Boarding Primary School.

While briefing journalists earlier on the state of the arrested watchman found sneaking fake examination papers to Bissil Boarding Primary School in Kajiado Central Sub County, Kipkemei said DCI is still detaining the suspect.

“Preliminary investigation reveals that the papers that were being sneaked in to the school purportedly as answers for KCSE examination were fake, and those concerned culprits had a beef with the school administration. They wanted to discredit the name of the school,” claimed Kipkemei.

He said the fake papers were for Maths, Biology and History.

“We have leads and those likely to be arrested are a number of teachers from the same school, who colluded with an outsider to attempt to malign the name of the school,” claimed the commissioner.

Overall, he said, the KCPE examination has gone on well to the last day with no incidences across the county.

“I am assuring the residents of Kajiado and all those families with this year’s candidates that there is no cheating detected anywhere. I am also thanking all the stakeholders in the examinations   for their good work,” said the commissioner finally.



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