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Imaroro/Mashuuru Group Ranch Officials Accused Of Issuing Fake Land Titles

A section of Imaroro/Mashuuru Group Ranch members claim their officials issued them with alleged fake land titles and yet they spent millions of shillings.

Simon Kipirr in Kitengela on October 25.

The shocking revelation was made on Thursday by a group of 18 members of the group in a statement read by elder Simon Kipirr to journalists in Kitengela.

Kipirr claimed the discovery of the fake land titles was made after 60 of their members the titles on September 14, 2011 made searches at the land registry in Kajiado.

“This is a major scam to hit the group ranch considering that all the members paid Sh25, 000 to group officials for the same to be processed,” said Kipirr.

He claimed that all the 60 land titles issued have no green cards. A land title in paper without a green card is a useless document which cannot be used as collateral to secure a loan in the bank, added Kipirr.

The member also claimed the officials sold 650 acres of the group ranch land without the knowledge of other members.

[VIDEO] Mzee Simon Kipirr Now Calls For Fresh Elections.

But while reacting to the claims, the group ranch secretary Ndoipo Shelle said the claims are not true, adding that only a few titles did not have green cards and not 60 as claimed.

“The mistake was not committed by us as officials but the land registrar in Kajiado, who failed to follow due process in the production of the land documents,” said Shelle.

While talking on the phone, Shelle claimed the team led by Kipirr had made the group ranch unmanageable by spreading defaming rumours against officials.

“As much as we can admit some of the mistakes that were not of our own creation, Kipirr and his group have always criticised whatever we do. He has lied to you by saying all the members paid Sh25, 000 for the processing of the titles,” said Shelle.

Shelle said each member out of the 410 members had paid Sh10, 000 and a few others who joined the group area list paid Sh15, 000 after the price of processing titles went up.

He, however, did not specify the exact number of members who paid Sh15, 000 after they were included in the group area list.

The official dismissed claimed made earlier by the Kipirr group which accused the current officials of nepotism and engaging in corrupt activity by allegedly adding illegal members to the group without the permission of members.

“Let me make this point clear, we sold land in the group ranch after members failed to raise required money for the ranch’s survey and demarcation. Members agreed that we dispose of some acres so that we can raise money. The people we sold parts of the land had all the right to be included in the area list membership,” said Shelle.

But Kipirr insisted the official was not being transparent on the group ranch issues. He added that the group ranch collected Sh9, 350, 000 for the processing of land titles from the original members.

This was dismissed as fabricated lies by the secretary who said the officials only spent Sh700, 000 for mutation of the titles and another Sh120, 000 for the preparation of green cards.

Kipirr claimed the size of the group ranch was initially 19, 483 hectares but officials have sold out more than 600 acres secretly which now requires accountability.

The secretary said they sold a total of 650 acres for the welfare and administration of the group ranch’s activities.

The opposition group now demands a new election of officials to run the ranch, a fresh survey of the land and an audit of the group register.



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