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Police Yet To Establish Cause of Death For Kitengela Woman

Police say cause of death for a Kitengela woman, whose body was recovered in her house on Sunday, has not been established.

The officers acted and retrieved the decomposing body of the woman after being alerted by her relative.

Isinya OCPD Kinyua Mugambi on Monday said police was alerted by a relative of the deceased after discovering a foul smell emanating from her house near Kitengela Medical Centre.

“So far we have not established the cause of her death until we receive a postmortem report detailing what could have caused it,” said Mugambi.

He added that police officers found the house of the deceased locked from inside and her body had no physical bruises.

Neighbours, who declined to be quoted, said the deceased woman is in her early 30s and led a secretive life.

“She is a modern young woman who lives alone and has never been seen in company of friends. Nobody knows if she has a boyfriend or husband because she has remained secretive for several years she moved here,” said her neighbour.

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