Kitengela Police Recover Decomposing Body of Woman from House

Police in Kitengela town this Sunday evening retrieved a decomposing body of a woman in her early 30s from her rented house.

Kitengela woman found dead in a decomposing state in her house on October 21.

The cause of her death could not be immediately established as police were only informed of a smell coming from the deceased’s house in Machoka Estate.

Neighbours, who declined to be quoted, said the deceased woman is in her early 30s and led a secretive life.

“She is a modern young woman who lives alone and has never been seen in company of friends. Nobody knows if she has a boyfriend or husband because she has remained secretive for several years she moved here,” said her neighbour.

The police said the body will have to undergo a postmortem so the cause of death could be established.

It was also not clear if she locked herself in the house before her demise or she could have been killed by people who later locked her body in the house before fleeing.



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