Governor Lenku Puts Three Ministers On Notice For ‘Mark-Timing’

Three county ministers could face the sack after Governor Joseph Ole Lenku publicly expressed dissatisfaction on their ‘dismal’ performance.

Governor Lenku weeps during Mashujaa Day after a performance artist John Ololchuraki.

Inside sources in Lenku’s administration reveals an image of an enraged governor who feels some of his top officers are pulling him backwards against pledges he made to his people last year during election campaigns.

“The governor says he is no longer going to tolerate workers who work against his wishes. The people are looking at the governor when they fail to get water, good roads and when their crops are taken over by cartels,” said the insider in Lenku’s kitchen cabinet.

The revelation of a knitted plan by the governor to reshape his cabinet comes one day after Lenku, in a rare public reprimand that shocked the VIP guests seated on the red carpet,  promised ‘action’ at Finance, Agriculture and Water Departments.

Leading the pack is Agriculture CECM, Moses Ole Narok (Agriculture and Livestock Development), Michael Semera (Finance and Economic Planning), and Florence Waiganjo (Water and Environment).

Addressing the Mashujaa Day celebrations in Kajiado Town on Saturday, Lenku said the three departments were moving too slowly in achieving his desired achievements in his legacy projects.

Semera, who was fished out Equity Bank to come and serve in the county, faces an imminent sack for an ineffective flow of cash in the departments, including failure to facilitate express bill paying by the Office of the governor’s day to day affairs.

Agriculture minister Moses Ole Narok.

The sources intimidated that although the revenue collection has risen by almost Sh200 million for the year Semera was in Office after governor Lenku appointed four directors of revenue, the Governor is unhappy with bill paying processes in his office including at his residence.

The office of the governor had been weighed down by pending bills some of them which  were incurred during former governor David Nkedianye’s tenure.

Semera, our investigations reveal, has been unable to rein in rogue procurement officers who frustrate suppliers with office of the governor recording the least dispensation of the bills some of which are for staff allowances, hotels, media advertising, official residence and general running of the county headquarters.

It is claimed staff allowances have been pending for many months and that some are paid while others are left out depending on who is in good books of the IFMIS cartels.

On page13 of his official speech, governor Lenku had said, “There are no alternatives to effective revenue collection.”

Semera has also been accused of protecting corporate bodies that owe the county billions of shillings in rates and other levies, and slows demands sanctioned by other directors.

The county agriculture minister Ole Narok, from Matapato Ward, faces the sack for one alleged reason: ‘Sluggish implementation of the hay production programme’.

When Lenku assumed office, he announced that Kajiado animals will no longer die every dry season for lack of hay.

Water CECM Florence Waiganjo.

In his inaugural speech, he set aside10, 000 acres for the hay project. Nothing has happened so far on that project apart from endless fencing.

In this financial budget, Lenku allocated Sh90 million for the same project. It is how quickly this budget will be implemented and show tangible results that will save Ole Narok from the sack,our source intimidated.

Ms Waiganjo is in trouble after escalating water wars between leaders from various counties and especially failing to put the Nol-Turesh Water Company into order and the formation of one county water company Lenku announced recently that is putting her on notice.

There were reports early in the year about her bad working relationship with her Chief Officer in her department, a Mr. Konana, but our inquiries have confirmed they buried the hatchet and are now working together.

How the county team works with the new board members led by the pompous and strict Titus Naikuni could make or break Ms. Waiganjo’s stay at the lucrative water department.

Michael Semera, CEC Member Finance.

Naikuni is reported to have a problem with the chief officer as both flex muscles, the county insisting the water company is under them while Naikuni says it should be an autonomous entity.




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