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Nol-Turesh Company Cannot Account 91 Per Cent of Its Piped Water – Report

A report by Nol-Turesh Company in Kajiado on its status of water consumption and billing reveals that only 4 per cent of consumers have metered connections.

The report made in April 2016 and which was sanctioned by the company was overseen by the then technical services manager Joseph Mwololo and bulk manager Micah Bogonko.

Documents availed to us further reveals that the company hired a water calibration machine from Maji House in Nairobi at a cost of Sh100, 000.

Details of the full report showed, at the time, the company losses a total of Sh35, 908,000 every month on the unmetered connections along the pipeline, and Sh3, 911,100 on the free water points.

All the unmetered connections and the free water points are between Sultan Hamud and Loitokitok town, which is the source of the water that has pitted politicians from Kajiado and Makueni against each other in the last several years.

The analysis report tabulates chainage in kilometers from Loitokitok to Sultan Hamud town and the consumed water per cubic metres in each day.

The other tabulation shows free water points along the pipeline and the billing per month, and lastly, the total amount of water consumed in 5 thematic areas of the pipeline stretch – 11, 619 cubic metres per day (Sultan to Loitokitok), Sultan Hamud area (1,339 cubic metres per day), Mashuuru Sub area (1, 096 cubic metres daily); Sultan Hamud Zone B (1, 946 cubic metres per day), Kasikeu (318 cubic metres per day), Kimana (526 cubic metres per day) and Emali area (1, 857 cubic metres per day).

The company engineers established that consumption per month along the pipeline from Loitokitok at kilometre 0 – kilometre 100 in Sultan is 348,570 cubic metres per month.

The report further says total active and un-metered connections at any billing time averages at 400, while active metered connections stands at 7.

Their unaccounted water along the pipeline is therefore 313, 775 cubic metres per month which accounts 91 per cent.

The engineers recommended that all the consumers along the pipeline (Sultan – Loitokitok) should be metered irrespective of of the water usage.

They said this will completely eliminate illegal irrigation and drastically reduce the unaccounted water which affects the company’s performance.

“More revenue will be realised when all the connections are metered which will make the company recover from financial constraints is is currently facing,” the report concludes.

Ironically, the report was shelved immediately and none of the recommendations was attempted by the company.

But the Nol-Turesh Loitokitok Water and Sanitation Company Ltd acting MD, Gideon Ketente insists that the company had a deal to supply free water to the Maasai community living along the pipeline as its CSR.



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