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Kipkemei Orders Feuding Olkeri, Oldonyonyokie Communities To Seek Peace

Commissioner David Kipkemei has instructed two groups’ leaders to end their age-long boundary squabbles and open negotiations.

County Commissioner David Kipkemei at Oldonyonyokie Primary School, Kajiado West

The more than 40 year old dispute pitting members of Olkeri and Oldonyonyokie group ranches pops out every time there is shortage of grazing fields.

The late Kajiado North MP, Prof. George Saitoti handled the runaway harmony between the two group ranches until he passed on without any meaningful resolution.

Saitoti was at hand every time members of the two groups took arms as each side claimed their ancestral land had been grabbed.

Yesterday, Kipkemei said leaders from both sides must talk the truth to each other and fear their creator in attempting to put an end the ever boiling disagreements that erupt every time there is shortage of grass and water.

“What I am telling the two groups is to forget outside intervention of their problem created by people who do not want peace. To me you appear to have no love for your children because if clashes erupt they are the ones to suffer most,” said Kipkemei.

Speaking at Oldonyonyokie Primary School during his three day tour of Kajiado West Sub County, Kipkemei to the leaders from the two group ranches they know where their boundary lies but they have chosen to perpetuate disharmony for their own gains.

“I am even wondering what you gain after shading human blood in the name of fighting. What will you gain if you start a fight and then it happens that all your children become casualties?” asked Kipkemei.

He instructed the area deputy county commissioner, William Kakimoni to organise an elders’ meeting from both the divide and indulge other eminent persons from within the county to resolve the matter with immediate effect.

The commissioner later met with Keek-Onyokie and Iloodokilani community elders to address issues of insecurity before engaging top managers of TATa Chemicals Magadi and local G.S.U Training Camp in talks about assisting local communities to access fresh water.

He also went to Mosiro where he engaged the local community in trying to end early childhood marriages, female genital mutilation and archaic practices of keeping young boys in manyata at the expense of their education.

Kipkemei appealed to the local professionals and Christian communities to help in eradicating injurious practices that will not add value to their children.

He used the new 80 km road linking Magadi town to Mosiro, a route he said will enhance development in the area.




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