Lenku Speaks Out His Mind On Nol-Turesh Water Woes With Ukambani

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Governor Joseph Lenku and his Makueni counterpart, Professor Kivutha Kibwana, on Tuesday took their Nol-Turesh water wars to Water CS, Simon Chelugui’s doorstep.

Governor Joseph Lenku greets health workers at Isinya Health Centre on Monday.

The two met at the office of Chelugui and each of them accorded ample opportunity to explain the genesis of the unending war on Nol-Turesh water.

Without mincing words, Lenku gave his unequaled complaints with historical undertones to prove alleged injustices meted on his Kajiado people for many years.

His lecture made the Makueni professor to develop goose pimples when he claimed that nepotism and tribalism “killed” Nol-Turesh water company.

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“How can one explain a situation where the Ministry of Water says each of the three counties; Makueni, Kajiado and Machakos should bring three members each to serve in the board and then decisions are done by voting?” asked Lenku.

He went on; “How will one deal with drying rivers, what do you do with a community that has abandoned pastoralism to take up agriculture using the same water and how do you deal with vandals who use treated water for irrigation?”

“All these heavy issues must be addressed so that we all can accept to work harmoniously as leaders. It is the management of Nol-Turesh Water Company that is corrupt and meting injustices on my people which have created all these messes,” said governor Lenku.

Kibwana said it is wasteful to use treated water for irrigation, adding that the three counties should find other water sources instead of depending on Nol-Turesh water alone.

“For us to blame each other over this water will not help solve what our people undergo. We should sit down as leaders and find a lasting solution to this mess,” said Kibwana.

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Earlier on Lenku said he has made a report to Water CS, Chelugui, over what he claimed a “massive scam” in Kajiado water sector that happened in the last regime.

Lenku claimed he is aware the Belgium government through the Ministry of water gave Sh1.4 billion for water projects that included sinking of 53 boreholes.

“On record, we have established the money was used to sink many boreholes with some showing that they were sunk at a cost of between Sh28 million and Sh15 million. None of all these exist and I have recommended that those involved in this scam must be brought to book,” said Lenku.

He said soon after his inauguration as governor, he invited the then Water CS, Eugene Wamalwa, who was also in the meeting, to tour and commission some of the said boreholes in the county only to be told by his people to inform the minister that there was no such projects.

“We had slaughtered goats for the occasion only to face the naked reality that all was not right. Those involved should be made to account for the said billions,” added Lenku.

He said another white elephant project is the Olooloitikosh water. Lenku claimed the project which is supposed to be commissioned is only on paper and no one has even decided where it will be started.

The governor, without mincing words, said Tanathi Water Company was created to serve the three counties but that tribalism caused the edging out of Kajiado to miss on the services.

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“Historical injustices directed on my people have messed up our resources. We are not denying you water but we will share what is left after my people have had their fill,” Lenku told Kibwana in front of the two cabinet secretaries.

He said Nol-Turesh water which is only a few kilometres from Loitokitok town does not even benefit the local residents due to impunity in the management of the water.

“I am aware of massive water dams in Ukambani such as Thwake and many more while Kajiado, which is the size of Rwanda, has only one source that is being followed by other counties with water resources,” said Lenku.

Chelugui said those found to have squandered more than Sh800 million at Nol-Turesh Water Company will be arrested and made to account for the money.


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