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[VIDEO] You Made Right Choices in Electing Me, Governor Lenku Tells Kajiado

Governor Joseph Lenku says he enjoys the trust the people of Kajiado have in him and is reason he will never stop fighting for their rights.

Governor Joseph Lenku and MCA Joshua Olowuasa inspect construction of new school.

Lenku, who spoke in Isinya town after a tour of a local hospital and a new school named after him, Ole Lenku Isinya Township Primary School, said he promised to provide water to the people of Isinya within 90 days after taking office, and which actually came to pass.

“I am happy to report to the people of Isinya that they received the desired commodity within 60 days after I was inaugurated into office. What you now need in this town is a major water reservoir because a lot of water comes here and you have nowhere to reserve the commodity,” said Lenku.

The governor also announced that his government will procure a generator for Isinya health centre and also provide security lights in densely populated estates.

Expounding on resources, Lenku said he will ensure that the entire Kajiado will have had piped water in the next four years. The governor is on record saying Nol-Turesh water will only be supplied to other counties after Kajiado has had enough  of its share.

He pointed out that the county government has no plans to expand Isinya health centre but instead will strengthen management systems to cope up demand for services.

You Made Right Choices in Electing Me, Governor Lenku Tells Kajiado

Lenku, while responding to recommendations made by Kaputiei North MCA, Joshua Olowuasa, however said he will only strife to source for an ambulance and a water tank for the health facility.

Lenku said; “Looking at the number of births which stands at about 2 children on average in a day, I do not think it is viable for now to build a new maternity in this facility.”

He went on; “What we need to do is to strengthen your management systems so as to cope with demand. I am aware that the facility receives more patients or clients seeking medical assistance in the evenings and to manage that, you need to reschedule working hours for your medics.”

Olowuasa had told the governor the facility has no ambulance and only depends on some from Kajiado referral hospital or Kitengela sub county hospital.

He said the facility has 42 acres of land which is ample for expansion and upgrading. Olowuasa also said the facility should be fenced off to stop land encroaching.

“We also experience shortage of drugs and staff to manage a growing number of patients. All the laundry machines at the facility are not serviceable, and this coupled with the shortage of water, the facility becomes a mess sometimes,” said Olowuasa.

Lenku said he announced his visit to the medical facility because he does not want to behave like others (in his position) who visit hospitals incognito.

He toured the facility’s drugs’ store and said he was satisfied the hospital has enough medicine except for a few missing which will be procured immediately.

The governor ordered his Health CECM, Esther Somoire, to write a letter to her Water CECM, Florence Waiganjo so that she can fix the water problem at the hospital immediately.



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