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Demo Over Runaway Security Brings Business To Standstill In Kajiado Town

Kajiado town was brought to a standstill on Friday when hundreds of its residents demonstrated along the streets against runaway security.

Ildamat MCA Samuel Teum – left- join peaceful demonstrators in Kajiado town on October 12.

The peaceful demonstration targeted the area police, and particular Kajiado OCS, Justus Njeru, who residents described him as “unprofessional” in dealing with suspects.

The demonstration led by local human rights activist, Julius Moiko, demanded that the OCS be removed from Kajiado because he has allegedly failed to subdue criminals that now rule the town.

While addressing Kajiado County Commissioner, David Kipkemei, the demonstrators claimed the OCS and his officers have been arresting “wrong” people and charging them Sh5, 000 or when they fail to pay the amount, they are charged with possession of hard drugs.

“They make arrests as early as 6.30pm and demand Sh5, 000 as bond from innocent people. This has been going on ever since that OCS was transferred here. He is also collecting handouts from a businesswoman who is operating Chinese betting machines in Majengo Estate in the town,” said Peter Mpoe.

[VIDEO] Bodaboda riders in Kajiado join demonstrators calling on OCS Justus Njeru’s removal

The demonstrators, while addressing the area county commissioner, claimed the police under the guidance of the OCS, are selling charcoal the confiscate on roadblocks to hotels in Kajiado town.

“The government has banned trade in charcoal and police are now the official suppliers of the same because they are the custodians of the law. Betting machines are all over in Majengo estate because the owners are being protected by the police,” said another demonstrator.

As the demonstrators moved to county commissioner’s offices, one Nancy Naipanoi, a mother of two, was at Saina hospital nursing wounds she sustained after she was attacked on Wednesday by armed people.

“There is no security in this town because if you out on illegal arrest by police, you definitely be confronted by thugs who have maimed our innocent men and women,” said Moiko.

Kipkemei promised to make recommendation regarding the OCS, adding he will not work with “wayward” officers who have no respect for the rule of law.

“I have heard all you said and I promise that action will be taken against wayward officers who take bribes instead of restoring law and order,” said Kipkemei.

But the Kajiado Central OCPD, James Kimani, when we contacted him on phone said he is not aware of any complaint labeled at his OCS.

“I am not aware of any complaint about the insecurity in this town either,” said Kimani.



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