Husband of Isinya Battered Woman Sought By Police, Told To Surrender

Police in Isinya are seeking to arrest a County Assembly staff member accused of beating his wife with a blunt object before going under.

Completed P3 form from police issued to Naomi Naini and signed by a medic.

Isinya OCPD Mugambi Kinyua told the Star on Sunday the official from the county assembly, James Kipambi, is being sought by police on the strength of a government medical report on his wife, Naomi Naini.

Kinyua said a statement from Naini was recorded at Isinya Police Station on October 4 after the matter of assault was reported on the previous day.

“This happened after one day because the woman was issued with a police P3 form on the first day she reported assault so the degree of injuries could be documented to help prosecution in the case,” said Kinyua.

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A medical report signed by a clinical officer, Hassan Mohamed from Isinya sub county hospital revealed Naini was hit by a blunt object severally on the areas around her heap.

Naini had on Saturday night reportedly claimed her life is in danger after her husband told her to leave her matrimonial home.

But Kinyua said on Sunday morning an arrest order has been issued for Ntele.

“We are asking him to surrender to the police immediately from wherever he is, or we will hunt him down. This is a criminal case before us and justice for the offended must be addressed immediately,” said the OCPD.

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Kinyua said he has summoned the complainant to his office on Monday to review her complaint for purposes of enhancing the arrest of her husband.

Naini claimed her husband has been battering her from the time she was married but the last one was ‘extreme’ in nature.

“I have four children with my husband and he now wants me to leave my matrimonial home because he has married a younger woman. He beat me up in front of the new wife and ashamed me publicly for no apparent reason,” Naini claimed.

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