Ilmusakara Settles on Lenku in 2022 For Governor

About 2, 500 members of the Ilmusakara section of the Kaputiei in Kajiado East led by their kingpin today declared support for Governor Joseph Lenku.

The meeting was held at the home of Moses Seet, and was graced by Lenku on the invitation of Ilmusakara kingpin, Kaputiei North Ward MCA Joshua Olowuasa.

Ilmusakara section of the Kaputiei North Ward Maasai in Kajiado East Constituency is the most single populous group of the county Maasai that contributes 50 per cent of voters in every election year in the past two decades, according to Olowuasa.

Interestingly, all elected Kajiado East constituency MCAs come from the Ilmusakara section of the Kaputiei people starting from Kenyewa/Poka’s Henry Kimiti, Paul Matuyia (Kitengela), Francis Kaesha (Oloosirkon/Sholinke), Kaputiei North’s Olowuasa and imaroro MCA Amos Peshut.

The men and women who spoke during the Ilmusakara declaration included senior members of the Maasai section led by Philip ole Lemein, Samuel Lalaine, Ole Ketere, Timothy Tait (youth rep) and Alice Lesiamo.

[VIDEO] About 2, 500 members of the Ilmusakara section of the Kaputiei in Kajiado East led by their kingpin today declared their unreserved support for Governor Joseph Lenku.

The Ilmusakara, were however cautious in their declaration in support of the governor. The told Lenku it is the effort of Olowuasa to unite their people in Kaputiei North and therefore he should forsake their leader as he position’s himself for his re-election.

“We are pleased to announce to you that we are happy with your work and you have proved to be a unifying factor in a county that had remained divided for many generations because of leaders who fronted clanism,” said Lemein.

Sarah Lepatei, representing the youthful women of the Ilmusakara kaputiei, told Lenku to open up to the youth and assist them develop their profession and providing them with opportunities to economic growth.

The elders, who spoke before the governor and the MCA, said they supported former governor David Nkedianye because they had no other choice of a leader but regretted at the end of the five years he ruled the county.

“You have only been at the helm of the county but we have realised development that we never saw in the last five years,” said Lemein.

He went on; “What we need is not handouts from leaders, we need our children to get jobs and open for them opportunities to progress their career.”

Speaking during the occasion, Olowuasa underscored the various projects Governor Lenku has initiated in Kaputiei North Ward.

Governor Lenku, who spoke in Maa language the entire session, said his wish is to have a united Kajiado that is bound together away from the spirits of clanism that is the reason the Maasai have remained divided for many generations.








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