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Youth Demand Action against ODM MPs Opposed to Raila, Kenyatta Handshake

ODM youth league has written to its national executive council to take action against party MPs opposed to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s taxation proposal.

ODM national youth league leaders meeting at Greflow Hotel in Kitengela on September 30.

Addressing journalists at Greflow Hotel after two days of deliberation on the country’s leadership after President Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga shook hands in a bid to unite the country, the youth league leaders proposed that any party leader opposing the two leaders’ quest of unity is enemy of the country.

The national league President, John Ketora, who was flanked by the party’s executive director, Oduor Ong’wen and the national youth deputy treasurer, Sheila Koskei, said the youth organ of the party is “perturbed by dissenting voices from the opposition MPs on the proposal by President Kenyatta.”

“The country is stuck in the woods because the treasury has no money to run its affairs. President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga are working day and night to unite the country and their effort to raise money through taxation on fuel is being fought by MPs, who seem clueless on how the country is run,” said Ketora.

Ketora said the party’s youth with has been following the events leading to the tabling of the bill on taxation in parliament recently, and it is worried that some elected leaders have no love for the country.

“As we speak right now, county governments are stuck and cannot move an inch on development issues because the national treasury has not released finances. Our President made a proposal of per cent VAT on petroleum products to enable the country get money to run its affairs,” said Ketora.

The workshop which was attended by more than 28 party regional leaders from across the country took issue with ODM elected leaders who have chosen to fight Odinga and Kenyatta in their quest to make the country governable.

“Today we came up with several resolutions, and one of them is the recommendation to the NEC to take action against rebel MPs opposed to Odinga/Kenyatta handshake and the 8 per cent VAT on petroleum products,” said Koskei.

Koskei said the youth wing also discussed several issues touching on gender and the two-third gender rule in the country’s employment sector and state appointments.

“We are also asking the judiciary to hasten the case before it touching on the death of Sharon and others. Women youth have become targets of massacre and we demand that our young girls must be protected by existing laws from their male counterparts,” said Koskei.

The three-day youth workshop ends on Monday.



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