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Youth Call for Audit of Firms on Indigenous Employment

Youth Senate (Kenya) Kajiado Chapter, has petitioned the assembly to audit firms operating in the region to establish the number of locals in employment.

Gideon Toimasi.

In the petition the youth lobby group blames the firms for not openly advertising positions to potential employees.

The lobby group youth leader, Gideon Toimasi while briefing KNU, said they seek the support of the County Assembly to come up with legislation that make it mandatory for companies and institutions to build local capacity instead of importation of skilled and non-skilled labour from other regions.

County Assembly Speaker Johnson Osoi on Thursday committed the petition to the Sectoral Committee on Public Service to expeditiously handle the matter.

While deliberating on the matter today, members of the sectoral committee supported the petition.

Toimasi said the petition is aimed at seeking the assembly support in taming the investors who have also not taken the matter of corporate social responsibility seriously.

That some companies and public institutions and flower farms in Kajiado County do not advertise for jobs in the local dailies, and that other relevant information is not shared reasonably in public notice boards in offices of chiefs and County Commissioner among others.

Toimasi claimed companies, flower farms and public institutions have developed a blanket cover and a negative attitude towards local indigenous community by profiling them and describing them as a ‘lazy people who do not want to work’.

“These companies, public institutions and flower farms in Kajiado have no clear corporate social responsibility programme for the local indigenous community,” said Toimasi.

We the petitioners hereby humbly pray that the County Assembly of Kajiado investigates this matter and redefine the local content in matters employment to consider the local indigenous community, said Toimasi.

By way of legislation in the county assembly, the petitioners hope to compel the companies, public institutions in Kajiado County to democratize engagement and decision making process by incorporating in their management and leadership representatives from the indigenous community.




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