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Revoke Bar Licenses in Villages, around Schools, Kipkemei Tells County

All bars operating in town’s estates, villages and around institutions across Kajiado County will be closed, says Commissioner David Kipkemei.

This order came out after a full meeting held in Kajiado town on Thursday which was attended by county top security agent officials, deputy county commissioners, top Kenya forests’ officials, assistant county commissioners, chiefs and county sub administrators.

Kipkemei, while briefing journalists on Thursday night through the phone said: “We have resolved to close down all the bars around institutions of learning, villages and towns’ estates across the entire county.”

He said this is aimed at cutting down the use of beer, control criminality; secure schools from effects of alcoholism and also control all alcoholic outlets.

The commissioner said the meeting was attended by sub county administrators, for the first time, because they will help in the cancelation of licenses that were erroneously issued out to bar operators around schools, estates and villages.

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“Our aim is not to kill business opportunities but we are telling our people to do their businesses in appropriate locations. We are not denying people business incomes but it should be done in a way that is transparent and in locations that are suitable,” said the commissioner.

Asked if he will be ready to face   legal challenges from the traders, Kipkemoi said he will not negotiate with business people operating bars near schools because they were ‘wrongly’ licensed in the first place.

“Some of those children in schools surrounded by bars could belong to the affected business people. We want to save their children from alcoholic exposure, and therefore we expect them to reason as responsible parents,” said the commissioner.

He gave his officers and top officials from county three weeks to bring down such businesses and also stamp out sale and production of illicit brews across the county.

Kipkemei said during the meeting, forests officials received clear direction to put to an end logging of trees for all purposes, including burning of charcoal.

“We are going to close all sources and outlets of charcoal in Kajiado. We have information some chiefs have been protecting charcoal dealers in Ongata Rongai, and those are the people I am now pursuing because it is unacceptable for government officers to break the laws put up by the employer,” said Kipkemei.

The commissioner, however, did not elaborate on who he is targeting on the same but said he is aware on one chief in Ongata Rongai and several others elsewhere.

“We are doing this for the good of the country and therefore we are also seeking the back up of the residents. We do not want to create more deserts, but to safeguard all the water catchment areas in our county by planting more trees,” said the commissioner.



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