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Face the Bullet or Pack Off, Kipkemei Tells Kitengela Criminals

Commissioner David Kipkemei has notified criminals in Kitengela, Kajiado county, that it will be business unusual from Friday as he police will face them.

Kipkemei spoke on Thursday night, after concluding a security meeting with all security agents in Isinya, when he said criminal gangland talks and their activities should be brought to a halt.

“This is my final message to criminal gangs in Kitengela town to either pack and go, or face the bullet. I am not negotiating, but telling but telling them their time is up,” said Kipkemei.

After the meeting with all the security agents, Kipkemei handed over two police patrol cars with special fuel instructions that no criminal operating in the fast growing town should be seen walking.

“We should not be dictated by criminals, who harass, maim and kill innocent people in this town. Those criminals who have been escaping police dragnet should know your days have come to abrupt halt. You either reform or prepare to face death,” Kipkemei warned.

He said a big number of police officers have been sent to Kitengela and other trouble spots in the country with one instruction; “to eliminate gangland criminals at whatever cost.”

The county commissioner said he will personally lead security operations to rid off criminal gangs operating in Kitengela town.

Several people and homesteads have been overrun by criminals in the town in the last three weeks, and the county commissioner said it will not be business as usual.

“I have increased several patrol vehicles for Kitengela, and I do not want to hear stories that police officers are giving chase criminal gangs on boda bodas anymore,” said Kipkemei.

His words comes fresh on the heels of an incident which occurred on Sunday morning, last week, when police officers gave a chase to gangland group using a hired motorbike and one of them ended up mistakenly discharging a bullet on a fellow officer, killing him on the spot, as the thugs disappeared in the darkness.

Prior to the Sunday incident, a Kitengela-based journalist, Joseph Ngunjiri, had been attacked at his Milimani estate residence by three armed thugs after ransacking his house.

Ngunjiri was seriously injured on his head when the hang entered his house at night through the kitchen door before he slept.

The gangsters spent almost 45 minutes in Ngunjiri’s house searching for valuables and money. No one has been arrested over the incident.

Residents of Kyang’ombe and Slaughter area have reported harassments by criminal gangs, that operate with impunity as police officers have not been spotted in the area.

John Mbithi (not his real name), a resident of Chang’ombe claims he rarely see police on patrol after 11pm in the area, adding that is the time gangsters rule the area harassing people in their houses.

It is also said some of the gang members operating in Kitengela come from as far as Kayole in Nairobi.

One recent victim of attack told journalists in the town last week that those raiding homes do not put on hoods, which is an indication that they do dot not reside in Kitengela, a security official confirmed.

“I have told my officers we will not sleep until the last member of criminal gangs operating in Kitengela have been either brought to book or dead. It is the duty of our security officers to protect all civilians and themselves,” said the commissioner.

He pointed out that the government is spending a lot of resources to arm the police so as to protect citizens from unnecessary harm from gangsters and to protect their businesses.

“The officers must now pull up their socks and justify their presence in Kitengela town. I do not want to hear of criminal incidences anymore. We have equipped them, and we want to see them arrest anybody threatening the peace of the people,” concluded Kipkemei.



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