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Slain Kitengela Police Officer was Killed by Accidental Fire Discharge, Says OCPD

A Kitengela police officer, who is alleged to
have bee killed on Sunday morning, was hit by a bullet from fellow officer, KNU REPORTS.

The officer who mishandled his gun during the patrol on Sunday morning has since been arrested and is expected to appear in court.

Police constable, Peter Upsaye (service number 59557), according impeccable intelligence report which has since been approved by Isinya OCPD, Kinyua Mugambi, says he was shot with a police Jericho make pistol – body number 44338137- in possession of one PC Peter Maingi (service number 111543).

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The report that was forwarded to Vigilance House in Nairobi on Sunday evening reveals PC Maingi accidentally discharged one round of 9mm ammunition from his Jericho gun and as a result hit the deceased on the head.

A report recorded on the occurrence book at Kitengela police station by Police Corporal James Karugu (Force number 66930) indicate that while on patrol duties at Orata area of Kitengela around 0145 hrs PC Upsaye PC Maingi, they received information there were three suspicious men on a motorbike spotted within the area.

Karugu, said in the OB report, the three officers boarded two motor bikes and on arriving at the area spotted the said suspicious men, and on stopping them, the three, started speeding off on their motorbike.

“A chase ensued and the officers caught up with them. During the confrontation, PC Peter Maingi accidentally discharged one round of 9 mm from his Jericho Pistol body Number: 44338137, and as a result PC Upsaye was shot on the head,” said the report on the official OB.

The report on the OB further stated; “PC Upsaye was rushed to Nairobi Women’s Hospital in Kitengela town where he was pronounced dead on arrival.”

Karugu further said the body of Upsaye was later, on Sunday morning, moved to Shalom Funeral Home, where a post mortem would be carried out by pathologists to establish cause of death.

The police corporal said in the OB, the three suspicious men escaped during the shootout and confusion.

He said scene of the shootout was later visited by the OCPD, Mugambi, while in company of area DCIO, Kitengela OCS, DCI officer in charge of Kitengela police station a Mr. Momanyi.

After the Sunday morning incident shock gripped Kitengela Police station as Kaputiei North MCA, Joshua Olowuasa, demanded that the police must produce the suspect of the murder.

Olowuasa said the family wants nothing but the truth of how their kin died while in company of colleagues during the nigh patrol

“As a family, we are not going to revenge in any way but we want the truth be told and the culprit be brought to book. People have started talking and we want them to give what they know to the police,” said Olowuasa on Sunday.

The MCA is a relative of the deceased and is said to have spent long hours with the police after the news broke out on Sunday.

He claimed Kitengela OCS ignored members of the family as they sought answers to the disturbing incident that occurred in the morning.

“This is a life that has been lost and instead of the OCS coming out to console the family, we hear that the officer disappeared from the station and never to be seen again. This is disgusting and I demand to know who he is acting for in a situation like this?” asked Olowuasa.

As the MCA talked to journalists at shalom hospital, other family members of the late officer led by elder John Ntoika stormed the office of the OCS early in the morning to demand answers on who could have killed their son, the senior officer told them he had no answer.



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