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Mysterious Death of Kitengela Police Officer Raises Questions

Shock gripped Kitengela Police station on Sunday as one officer among three others patrolling Noonkopir area was found murdered in cold blood this morning.

Relatives of slain police officer storm station in search of answers as  OCS goes under.

Kaputiei North MCA, Joshua Olowuasa, after viewing the body of his slain relative at Shalom Community Hospital in Athi River said the family wants nothing but the truth of how he died while in company of colleagues.

“As a family, we are not going to revenge in any way but we want the truth be told and the culprit be brought to book. People have started talking and we want them to give what they know to the police,” said Olowuasa.

[VIDEO] Relatives of slain police officer led by elder John Ntoika express displeasure against Kitengela Police station OCS’s failure to explain issues surrounding death of their kin on September 16.

He claimed Kitengela OCS ignored members of the family as they sought answers to the disturbing incident that occurred in the morning of Sunday.

“This is a life that has been lost and instead of the OCS coming out to console the family, we hear that the officer disappeared from the station and never to be seen again. This is disgusting and I demand to know who he is acting for in a situation like this?” asked Olowuasa.

As the MCA talked to journalists at shalom hospital, other family members of the late officer led by elder John Ntoika stormed the office of the OCS early in the morning to demand answers on who could have killed their son, the senior officer told them he had no answer.

After a short while the senior officer, who had claimed he was not aware of any death, left in a huff and not to be seen again at the station.

Ntoika claimed the OCS had earlier told him he was not aware of any slain officer but that he learnt later from other police officers that the station’s police boss was actually the one who took the body of the dead officer to Shalom Community Hospital in Athi River.

Isinya OCPD, Kinyua Mugambi confirmed the death of the police officer but declined to give further details, saying relatives of the deceased must be informed first.

Mugambi said investigations have been launched to establish the circumstances under which the officer died while in company of three other who were all armed.

At the Shalom hospital, relatives claimed the deceased mouth was shattered by a bullet and another one was shot on the waist.

The OCPD said he would not want to speculate on the causes of the death until investigations are complete.

“Hold on with your questions until we come up with full details regarding this disturbing incidence. As for now we have nothing for you to write,” said Mugambi.

Later on, the relatives of the diseased stormed the DCI office and found one, a Mr. Momanyi, who is said to be the head of the department.

Momanyi explained that already all the guns  recovered from the deceased’s colleagues have been handed to ballistics officers to ascertain if any of them weapons was used in killing the officer.

“We are going to stop at nothing until we see justice has prevailed. You cannot claim to have been taken the guns for ballistics and yet the officers who were in his company are scot-free. Why was the OCS lying to us that he was not aware of the death and yet he is the one who took the body to mortuary,” Ntoika asked Momanyi.

Momanyi could not answer the question in his office but promised investigations had begun.

Residents of Noonkopir said they heard several shots at 3am on Sunday only to discover the dead body later when they woke up.

It was not immediately known if the three officers in company of the deceased record any statement the station before their guns were taken away.

We could not also establish if the slain officer was attacked while alone or with the rest of his colleagues.

All the above questions could not be answered by the OCPD because he felt it was too early to speculate before investigations are complete.




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