You Can Do Better County Knut Boss, Korinko, Tells TATA Chemicals

County Knut boss, Elly Korinko, has lauded Magadi Soda Foundation for its corporate social responsibility in education sector in Kajiado

[VIDEO] You Can Do Better County Knut Boss, Korinko, Tells TATA Chemicals

Korinko, who was attending Magadi Education Day to mark 24 years of its diversified CSR activities on Friday, said TATA Chemicals Magadi Ltd needs to plough back more to the community as a reciprocation of what they have made in profits from their mines.

“I am impressed and happy for what Magadi Soda Foundation has done, but again there is much more they can do to uplift the people of Magadi. Provide more bursaries to children from less fortunate families,” said Korinko.

He said the company has been in existence for many years and their presence has not really changed much the economic status of the people of Magadi.

“Let them employ more of the local community members who gave out the land to the investor, give more education bursaries to those in need. As they make profit, let them not forget those who have made them rich by handing over their land,” said the Knut boss.

However, Korinko said TATA Chemicals Magadi has proved to be doing better than most companies operating in Kajiado.

“Let the rest who are minting money out of our resources borrow a leaf from Magadi. Plough back to the community from the profits you make so that you can continue to enjoy the support of the local people,” said Korinko finally.



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