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[Video] Magadi Foundation Education Day 2018

Magadi soda Foundation manager David Aoll says sky is the limit in the foundation’s role in striving to improve education in Kajiado County.

Foundation Manager David Aoll.

At the same time, Aoll says TATA Chemicals Magadi Limited cemented its commitment to the local community with the official launch of the Magadi Soda Foundation in 2009.

The Magadi Soda Foundation seeks to promote tangible objectives including health, water and sanitation, education, economic empowerment and transportation.

Key principles emphasized by The Foundation are Sustainability, Community Involvement, Engagement, Capacity Building and Empowerment.


The Foundation supplies water to local community. It assists in the rehabilitation of Sampu water pipeline which serves the four locations.

The Foundation provides water to the local community in the environs of Magadi Township as well as portable water by pipeline from Magadi Township to one of the outlying villages.

Another pipeline has been extended from Magadi to Oldonyonyokie about 15 km away on the Magadi-Nairobi road; The Foundation trucks the water daily on a water bowser to the community, schools and dispensaries.

The train-operated by The Foundation- delivers water to seven underground tanks thrice a week between Magadi and Singiraine.


[Video] Foundation’s Chief Architect, Aoll, Expound On Company’s Role in education https://youtu.be/8mmw3hofReo

The Foundation has supported primary schools in construction of classes, provision of learning and teaching materials and installation of solar systems among others. Every year, The Foundation provides six scholarships for tertiary/university education for students from entire wider Kajiado District.

At the secondary school level, over 20 students benefit from bursaries annually and are supported for four years.

In addition to this scheme, last year, The Foundation provided a Special Bursary to students from the division who were not able to pay their school fees due to the drought. The Foundation also runs an Adult Education program.

Five community members have so far received post graduate training and fifty five students in secondary schools benefit from our secondary school bursary scheme.


The foundation supports Magadi Soda’s 60 bed capacity hospital is open to the local community and provides services to over 30,000 community members.

A majority of both outpatients and inpatients are local community members. The Foundation further subsidizes healthcare in the hospital to the local community for up to 70 per cent.

The Foundation has also undertaken Health Awareness Campaigns/vaccinations, mobile clinics as well as HIV/AIDS Preventions and Care initiatives for the local community.

In leading the fight against HIV/AIDS, The Foundation has developed a HIV/AIDS in the Workplace Program that involves and encompasses the local community.

The Foundation has assisted in construction/renovation of Entasopia and Oloika Health Centres. The former has been linked to Magadi Hospital on radio to assist in emergency cases




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