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Police Officer Arrested With Banned Charcoal Set ‘Free’

Kajiado county forest officers on Saturday impounded a GK lorry carrying 29 bags of charcoal at Maili Tisa town along the Namanga-Kajiado highway.

This truck was impounded in Maili Tisa.

A senior forest officer who sought anonymity told journalists the truck was impounded on evening while loaded with banned charcoal.

“We impounded a GK truck that was carrying the 29 sacks of charcoal and it was driven by a senior police officer from Nairobi whom we arrested and took him at Mile Tisa police station,” said the forest officer.

Kajiado Central OCPD James Kimani said on Monday the suspect will not be arraigned in court but will be reprimanded “internally” and “administratively”.

“As a service we have our own regulations and conduct that our officers are expected to adhere to, and when they are found not to have adhered to our code of conduct then we have our internal mechanism that will follow suit and that is what will happen to the suspected officer.” Kimani said.

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Forest officers are now discontent with the police action to defend their own after breaking the law.

“We prefer if the suspect was arraigned before a court of law so that it will deter other rogue officers from undertaking such acts, but we also know that police have their own rules,” said a dissatisfied forest officer.

Forest officers and rangers have no legal power to prosecute cases and therefore, any police officer found trading on charcoal may not see the doors of justice as impunity will continue growing its ugly head.

The county government early in the year banned logging and burning of charcoal in the county with the county commissioner, David Kipkemei, declaring that no one is above the law, adding anyone arrested with banned charcoal would face court justice.

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