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Isinya Dawn Fire Tragedy Swallows Three Shops, Says Olowuasa

Unconfirmed value of property went up in smoke in Isinya town on Monday morning after three shops were consumed by fire before it was put off.

Isinya Dawn Fire on Monday.

Initial investigations revealed the fire emanated from a residential house within the area of the incident.

Area MCA, Joshua Olowuasa, today consoled with the traders whose property was consumed by the fire.

“It happened just like that and I had to join my people in fighting the fire. I am also thankful to county fire fighters from Machakos and Kajiado who arrived but could not salvage anything,” said the MCA.

Olowuasa dismissed as not sincere those who claimed the fire fighters took long to arrive to salvage property.

“These machines are operated by humans, who require proper direction of the distress and in the absence of that, they cannot arrive in time,” said the MCA.

He appealed to residents to pride proper direction of fire incidents to avoid delay.

Local police said no one was injured in the midnight incident.



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