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Ongata Rongai Chief on the Spot for Allegedly Protecting Illegal Activities

A chief in Ongata Rongai is on spotlight after allegedly turning his office in to a Kangaroo  court and protecting illegal activities in his jurisdiction.

The motorbikes are alleged to have gone missing from the hands of the local APs.

The Ongata Rongai Location Senior chief, John Muiyae, has also been accused of allegedly ‘selling’ out electricity power to business people having kiosks around the government office where he collects thousands in rentals.

Muiyae, who we shared the allegations with him, denied them and claimed he knows who is maligning his name in public.

“I am not aware of those allegations which include selling of electricity power to kiosks and protecting a major charcoal dealer who operates outside my office,” said Muiyae.

He went on; “The person who gave you this information is malicious and was once in my office. She was chased away for talking ill about our government office.

Charcoal is sold here with full knowledge of chief.

The county government has banned burning and sale of charcoal in Kajiado but the chief is alleged to be protecting the businessman who sells right outside his office for a financial cut. He denied all the claims and said he is not aware of any despite our source sending us pictures as evidence.

The chief denied he took Sh5, 000 from a local resident so he could provide space for construction of a temporary printing kiosk.

“I am not aware of that money you are talking about. I have told you that person was kicked out of my office because of her bad manners which until now he has not been able to prove.

When pressed more to expound on the alleged behaviour he was talking about, the chief only told us to go and verify if he has any kiosk that he rents out.

He also denied claims that he is protecting a local businessman selling illicit drinks around his location too.

Summon letter from the chief.

When we told him we have evidence of the money he was given through Mpesa MHU6DM2FLB valued at Sh1, 000 on 30/8/18 at 9.45pm being a balance of the required Sh5, 000, he claimed the transaction was faked.

Residents, who declined disclose their names for fear of intimidation by the chief, claimed the provincial administrator is operating in cahoots with un-named APs.

They also disclosed that there is a woman who operates a muratina outlet and gambling machines in his location despite a government ban on them.

Mpesa transaction the chief denied having received the money.

Muiyae also could not explain the whereabouts of two motorcycles recovered by members of public from the town after being left unattended under unclear circumstances.

The bikes are said to have disappeared after sometimes and are believed to have been hidden just within the compound.

The chief explained that the bikes were with the APs and not his office.

“I do not know anything about those bikes you are talking about. Go and ask the police because I have never seen any,” said the chief.

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