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Lenku to Visit Imaroro Amid Dissenting Voices Over Sayiore Appointment

Governor Joseph Lenku is set to visit Imaroro Ward next month as dissenting voices over the appointment of his new chief of protocol takes centre-stage.

Kiloh residents at the home of Timothy Sayiore on Saturday – Photo Courtesy

The appointment of former area MCA, Timothy Sayiore, to take up the office of chief of protocol has not been received well by political class in the area.

Those opposed to the appointment of Sayiore claim they were not consulted by the governor, and further argue that the area MCA, Amos Peshut, is from the opposition and therefore the former ward rep might use his position to create a wedge between the sitting MCA and the governor.

When KNU earlier spoke to Peshut, he said he would not like to comment on the same adding that he would later be talking to the governor on the same.

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It was not immediately clear if the meeting scheduled for October 12 is the one he meant he would be meeting with the governor to iron out some of the pressing political issues.

He said that personally he has no issues with the governor that would threaten his delivery of services but was of the opinion that he should have been consulted too.

He however denied claims making round that all the Kajiado East MCAs, except Kaputiei North MCA Joshua Olowuasa, were planning a revolution against the governor over allegations that the appointment of women in his government does not meet the threshold of two-third majority.

There were also claims circulating that the four elected MCAs are not happy that most of their ‘people’ were not given appointments and therefore would revolt against Lenku when list of the appointees will be brought to the assembly for approval and endorsement.

Kenyewa/Poka MCA Henry Kimiti said the issue of two-third majority for women is not negotiable and that the assembly will unite against any forces that will go against the constitution.

Sayiore (Jubilee) was bundled out in the last general election by Peshut of Wiper Party with a big margin and there is fear that the former MCA may jeopardize the work of the sitting ward rep.

During Peshut’s thanksgiving ceremony, which was attended by more than 5, 000 people, Lenku graced the occasion.

Every leader, including Lenku, praised Peshut’s work in the assembly as the chair of Public accounts Committee and Public Investment Committee.

On Saturday, Kiloh residents held a meeting at Sayiore’s home to organise the October 12 which will be graced by Lenku.

The meeting which was attended by former MCA aspirants Elijah Simanko, James Parsaoti and Robert Ole Mamai declared an unwavering support for the governor.

The residents thanked the governor for appointing Sayiore as his chief of protocol.

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