Swallow Pride and Support Lenku, MCA Olowuasa Openly Tells Kores

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

An MCA has told politician Tarayia Kores to swallow his pride and back down in favour of Governor Joseph Lenku in 2022 general election.

MCA Joshua Olowuasa (left) during CEC member for Trade Jackline Koin on August 31.

The Kaputiei MCA, Joshua Olowuasa, who was present during a thanksgiving ceremony for Ildamat Ward rep, Samuel Teum, said Kores owes Lenku all the support for what the governor has done for the Iloodokilani community.

“Only a blind person may not see what Lenku has done for the Iloodokilani section of Kajiado Maasai. The governor picked Esther Somoire from the opposition and gave her a job as CECM for Health. He also appointed your own, Leakey Litei as chief officer in Agriculture Department,” Olowuasa told Kores.

He said the governor also recently appointed  Neema Loitu as chief of staff and another member of staff in his delivery unit, and still some people like Kores cannot make sense of that.

“Many of your people including the acting clerk of the county assembly, Leboo Saisa, have benefited from Lenku’s regime and yet some politicians do not want see. Lenku appointed Murunya Leteyio to his government too ,” added Olowuasa.


The MCA from the opposition, has become vocal in support of Lenku in every for a he across the county.

“Kajiado people will vote as a block for Lenku because we have seen him delivery in nearly all his pledges and yet he is only one year old in office. You Kores have no chance in 2022,” said Olowuasa.

He said Kajiado wants a leader of Lenku’s calibre, who is able to unite our people regardless of their political inclination.

“Before Lenku came in as governor after the last general election, Kajiado was divided in the middle by clanism that had threatened bring down our social fabric. Today we do not hear people talk of which clan they come from. Lenku has balanced his government by appointing people who are qualified from the two major clans,” said Olowuasa.

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The ceremony was attended by Lenku, Kajiado Central MP Memusi Kanchory and several other leaders from the county assembly.

Speaking at another forum later in the evening on Saturday, Olowuasa urged the people of his ward to embrace love peace and unity.

He spoke at the home of the late Kasoni ene Ole Sipei in Oloshaki area when he also urged the residents to turn up in large numbers in support of governor Lenku’s Mbuzi Moja Maisha Bora initiative on Monday in Kajiado when the Deputy President, William Ruto, will preside over the sale of goats to help the less fortunate members of the society access National Hospital Insurance Fund.




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