True We Voted for Nkedianye in 2018, Kaputiei North Community Tells Lenku

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Political disquiet among the Kaputiei North community, which has been internally boiling before and after last elections, was publicly replayed on Friday.

Governors Joseph Lenku, Stanley Kiptis and Trade CECM Jackline Koin at Ilpolosat on Friday.

Residents of Ilpolosat area of Kaputiei Ward in Kajiado East constituency told Governor Joseph Lenku direct on his face; “We did not like you, and that is why we never voted for you in the last elections”.

Elders who spoke during a Friday thanksgiving for CECM for Trade, Jackline Koin, told Lenku he was not their choice, and that they voted for former governor David Nkedianye because they believed in him.

One elder said, as Lenku and other guests listened with abated breath; “You did not come to ask us for votes but we are happy that you still remembered us by appointing some of our children to serve in your government.”


“Because you did not come to us last time, next time you want our votes please feel free to come back and negotiate with us,” another elder said.

They obviously did not talk badly about the governor but made their point clear that although they were not friends with Lenku, the governor still had a soft spot for them.

The interpretation many conceptualized is that, Lenku has now broken walls and appears to be invading Nkedianye’s home backyard close to four years before he returns to ask for votes.

Lenku did not just sit back to be bashed left and right by the Kaputiei North Ward speakers     at the venue.

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He told the; “I appointed Koin not because you sent me a delegation but because I am beyond clan politics of division. All those who voted, and those who did not vote me are all my people and are their right that I serve them as demands our constitution.”

Lenku used the example of his appointee in the county water sector, Titus Naikuni, to claim that he did appoint him because he wants votes but that he believes he will deliver in his new duties of availing water to the people of Kajiado.

“After I appointed Naikuni, I received criticism even from my backyard but I stood firm in my choice for him. I do not appoint people based on my clan inclination, but do so because I believe they can perform.

Kaputiei ward MCA, Joshua Olowuasa, the only opposition representative who have stood firm with Lenku, praised the governor for his political policy of working with all the people of Kajiado.

“He has united us together and he is delivering on his promises he made to the people of Kajiado during his campaigns. We are going to vote for him again so he can complete all the development projects he has initiated,” said Olowuasa.

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Olowuasa told Lenku to assist a local school, Ilpolosat Secondary, in placing back its roof that was ripped off by wind and also assist in fixing a local road.

Also present during the thanksgiving ceremony in Ilpolosat village is Baringo Governor Stanley Kiptis, legislators; Mary Seneta, Judy Pareno, George Sunkuyia and MCAs Justus Ngossor and Moses Saoyo.

Others included CEC members and former MCAs Nathan Sinkeet and David Nkirrimpai, among other guests from Baringo and Kajiado.

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