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Politician Teeka Accuses Lenku of ‘Shortchanging’ Nkedianye Over Jobs

Kajiado West politician Sankok Teeka this evening poured cold water on Governor Joseph Lenku’s Maa Unity agenda, claiming it serves vested interest.

(Below) Sankok Teeka.

Politician Sankok Teeka claims Jubilee has hatched an elaborate plan to block Tarayia ole Kores from governor race

The politician from Keek-Onyokie wing of the county Maasai, whose interests were represented by former senator Peter Mositet on Saturday during a fundraiser in Korrompoi, termed ‘hot air’ the agenda.

Teeka claimed Lenku is carving a political empire for himself to provide him a safe landing in the 2022 gubernatorial election in 2022.

“There is no genuine agenda there at all. If Lenku and his new-found friends have true love for all the Kajiado Maasai, he should have consulted us so we can also inject our ideas in the outfit,” said Teeka.

In an exclusive interview with KNU, Teeka said he has no ill feelings about the agenda, but the way the governor appear to own it alone.

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“Why is Lenku very particular moving around with only the vocal leaders like Mositet and politician Tarayia ole Kores, why is he not spreading this idea to all of us?” asked Teeka.

The politician questioned Lenku’s hand in Maa Unity agenda claiming he is not best placed person to steer the agenda after allegedly failing to secure a political appointment for former governor David Nkedianye.

“The governor sweet-talked Nkedianye out of ODM before the presidential repeat election late last year with promises he would be given a job by Jubilee. What independent minds are asking is simple, what way forward for Nkedianye after he was dubbed into accepting to back down?” asked Teeka.

The politician claimed Nkedianye was ‘shortchanged’ into believing he was with ‘mindful friends’ but that it has turned out that the appointing authorities were only after subduing the opposition.

“It is now clear to other dissenting voices in Kajiado that the current governor is preparing his own political path towards the 2022 general elections, and I am telling him here today that he is not going anywhere until he secures a position for Nkedianye,” threatened Teeka.

He said he is not forcing anyone to heed his advice but warned that the people of Kaputiei, whose wounds have not healed after Nkedianye was denied a popular vote, together with a section of Keek-Onyokie people, will hit back with a higher note in the 2022 governor election.

“The governor cannot purport to unite Kajiado and yet he is doing so selectively to satisfy his political ego. We also do have feelings and we are watching you. Kajiado is no longer the region of the 1970, and those being hurt by the system have the capacity to hit back in the next election,” said Teeka.

As Teeka continued to bombard the formation of a unifying factor among the Maa people in the county and beyond, several people lauded Lenku, Mositet and Kores for breaking their voices about a need to bring all the interests of the Maasai on one table.

On Saturday, during a fundraiser in Korrompoi, the three leaders pledged to unite the Maa people of Kajiado with the rest of their neighbours in the other side of Rift Valley to come to a unification table.



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