Governor Lenku, Mositet, Kores in Rare Pact to Drive Maa Unity Agenda

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

For the first time in recent history, Kajiado’s political elite on Saturday united in a surprise move to drive a noble course home.

Above From left: Governor Joseph Lenku, Tarayia Kores and former Kajiado Senator Peter Mositet in Korrompoi on Saturday/Photo: Nkatet Mosika.

In a rare feat, all the leaders who converged in Korrompoi appeared to read from the same political script. Each emphasized a call of Maa unity.

This happened in MCA Joshua Olowuasa’s Kaputiei North Ward in Korrompoi, in Kajiado East Constituency, where top political top cream met to save a life.

The leaders and their followers turned up in their big numbers to stand up with their ailing daughter, Anita, who requires specialised medical treatment and raised a whooping Sh3.5 million.

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Unlike other meetings, those normally capped with political comedy, the event that took place at Empatipat village was calm and orderly like the wind of that Saturday afternoon.

The guests led by governor Joseph ole Lenku and his followers were later joined by politicians; Tarayia ole Kores and former Senator Peter Mositet and a host of sitting and former MCAs.

Everything including the well-arranged sitting, went on well until the amount was raised but, again being a function that was attended by politicians, each of them was given time to ‘greet’ their people.

MCA Olowuasa, who played host of the fundraiser, first invited Kores to speak to ‘his’ people, and the orator politician who is known for his combative way of taking on issues, said he is supporting Lenku until end of his term in office.


“I am supporting the work the governor is doing now as this is his term, because I would also wish to be done the same if I was your governor today,” said Kores.

The mood was calm and extremely jovial. Kores said he is ‘extremely’ excited after seeing a well done road in his home backyard in Iloodokilani that has been done by the current regime.

“Let me also take this opportunity to thank our governor, Lenku, for the recent confirmation of county agriculture department chief officer, a Mr. Litei, who hails from my ward,” said Kores.

Kores also said he supports the handshake initiative of President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition doyen Raila Odinga, and the fight against corruption.


“I am only waiting for a signal from Raila to tell us what course of action is next to be undertaken by our team,” concluded Kores.Former Senator Mositet, who said had just landed in Kajiado from a tour of Baringo in Rift Valley, said he supports the clarion call by other Maa leaders to unite their people.

“I Mositet want to make it clear to you today that I supported the call for Maa Unity Agenda nationally,” said Mositet.

He, however, said whatever happened in the last general elections is now behind, and all elected leaders should be allowed time to work and deliver on pledges.Lenku said he supports calls for Maa Unity Agenda for a single purpose of driving his people’s agenda in future engagements with the rest of Kenyans.

The governor spoke in the backdrop of a wild wave that is threatening to divide in the middle the solidarity of the Kajiado Maasai on social media for a.

A section of youth, who purport to back the governor have in the recent past engaged in a precarious altercation with other leaders ‘viewed’ as ‘anti-Lenku’.

The debate on social media that has taken an ogre- in nature face, and which is directed at leaders in parliament and senate is scary and demeaning.

While Lenku says he thinks independently, some political commentators claims some of the issues being peddled on social media could easily help divide the people of Kajiado in to clan clusters.

Governor Lenku has occasionally intimidated to his people that one of the things he wants to be remembered of is his aim of ‘annihilating’ clan clustering and age-set issues among the modern Kajiado Maasai.

Speaking in Korrompoi, Lenku said; “My unifying slogan of Kajiado people is real.  I am calling for calm from my “Oltim” who are jittery when the governor makes appointments of his people from other clans”.

Recently, the governor is said to have attended Dr. Letangule’s wedding in the county and passionately spoke about MUA and the need for unity amongst the Maa.

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