Open Letter to Governor Lenku On Environmental Degradation in Ngong

At the height of Mau evictions, Environment CS Keriako Tobiko, was quoted as saying no water catchment area in the country will be spared.

Ngong Hills in Kajiado North.

Tobiko also said no one will be allowed to encroach on water catchment areas of the country.

Those sentiments were adopted by Kajiado governor. Joseph Lenku, amongst other Maa community leaders, in a move all of us welcomed with open arms.

We welcomed it hoping that the impunity witnessed in the county will come to a halt. This has however not happened, in any case, it has only served to put things in a higher gear.

I hereby wish to jog the memory of the above named leaders, who happen to hail from Kajiado, to some pertinent issues.

Ngong’ Hills is a catchment area which has experienced encroachment right up to the top, with no one raising a finger. Truly, anyone who can perceive, and with eyes can see what is going on.

In Ngong town, people have purportedly bought plots and on them, have erected palatial homes and high-rise buildings, ignoring environmental considerations.

No one bothers to conduct any environmental impact assessments and the raw sewage is discharged to the river with a total disregard of the people who dwell downstream.

Any query raised on the issue is met with an “I don’t care” attitude or animosity. The entire river has become a moving muck that cannot sustain life.

Even for the small animals, downstream, like wild pigs which roam, as well as domestic animals which depend on the river for survival have not been regarded.

As if the above is not enough, a daring entrepreneur is bringing up a petrol station atop the Embulbul River, which is a riparian land and which serves as a wetland during the dry season for the many Maasai cattle that are driven there.

I am sure many other sub locations within Kajiado are suffering but have no recourse. If you are reading this, and I pray that you do, please make a visit to the said areas before going to MAU, as this is happening right in front of your eyes. Charity begins at home.

Bernard O. Kantai



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