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Compelling, Irritating Factors You Cannot Afford to Ignore In Kajiado Elections

When I hear people talk of 2022 gubernatorial election in Kajiado, basing contenders on those in office now, it makes me giggle, Writes Tatio Joshua. 

I giggle because many of those who share their opinions through social media for a, are not only myopic but are completely ignorant of overriding issues in a competitive election.

I am choosing to use those words because I can competently support my argument to any conclusion on any political debate.

For one to claim that the current governor, Joseph ole Lenku, will have his own cake in the 2022 general election in defending the seat he took over from former governor David ole Nkedianye, can be a bit of a fallacy.

I looked at some of the arguments on the way up to the 2022 general election, and I giggled a bit… It’s a mirage for now but there are forces along the way that cannot be underrated.

1. Kaputiei Voting Bloc

This is a lethal section of the bloc that’s nursing wounds of injuries inflicted by their own ignorance, aided by the usual clan ghost that has ancestry origin at the centre of its nerve system.

This bloc is the nerve system and heartbeat of the county, given their numbers and resolve to change political equations.

2. Matapato Bloc

They occupy a vast region and venomous bloc that has produced leaders of steel, and mostly products of the discipline forces.

This bloc only needs 2 or 3 more sub-clans to install and swear in a governor.

When it joins hands with Kajiado East, the elections will be as good as over. They became a bit disfranchised when they lost General Joseph Nkaissery – may his soul rest in peace. Kajiado Central MP, Elijah Memusi has been lukewarm since ODM lost the elections to the new comers led by Lenku.

3. The Southern Bloc

I can say it’s the luckiest bloc to have produced the second Kajiado governor without the blessing of its own village. I mean it just dawned on them that they had won a seat.

The Kisonko bloc are not less in numbers but the majority do not have voting cards, and most of them keep large herds of cattle which consumes most of their time.

Their time is consumed in the most remote fields of Chulu Hills with limited access during electioneering times.

4. Iloodokilani, Kankere and Purko Bloc

These are separate blocs and are very critical when it comes to swing votes that eventually decide the verdict of the Maa speaking voter group.

They’re considered minorities and strategically positioned to jostle for appointive slots in the county. They can also negotiate for positions of women rep and senate.

5. Keek-Onyokie Bloc

This particular bloc is sandwiched on the south by kaputiei, on the north by Purko, on the west by non-natives who have almost threatened their very existence during the leadership of the late Prof. George Saitoti.

Saitoti, who invited the Kikuyu to buy big chunks of land in the region, and has already, lost most of it to Nairobi metropolis, ensured his political life by gathering numbers.

The northern bloc has quite a handful of votes and so cannot be ignored. MP George Sunkuyia and MCA Moses Saoyo of Keek-Onyokie ward will probably lead this bloc to pledge loyalty for the Tangatanga outfit. The senate has been their preserve.

6. The Non-Natives

This one is not to be underrated at all; it’s a very dangerous bloc in the main cities of the county.

They can field candidates for MCA and MP in major cities and run away with it. It’s also a determinant vote for the seat of the governor, senator and w/rep positions in the county.

7. The Government of the Day

Owing to the flawed electoral process in the country, the sitting government can have a big influence in the outcome of leadership in the counties.

8. The Clan Monster

This is a contagious and a life-threatening malady in the entire Maa speaking counties.

It can have serious ramifications if not contained. It’s almost a global problem which has the capacity to bring down powerful dynasties like what it has done in Somalia.

That’s my view, it’s free for one to have their own but I bet that 90 of it is factual.

The author, Tatio Joshua comments on current and political issues in the county.

KNU – This opinion reflects those of author.



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