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Wuantai Tells Lenku – Major on Service Delivery, Minor on Homecomings

Leadership is not the “PRIZE” but rather an opportunity to serve, Writes CPA Philip S Wuantai (Pictured) as he pokes holes into emerging leaders’ homecomings.

Kajiado is engulfed in celebrations. These revolve around homecomings for elected, nominated, and appointed public officials.

They come in different names – thanksgiving, prayers, homecoming, ceremonies, goat eating etc…

Whereas these seem to go down fairly well locally, the same has an active devastating potential of sacrificing service delivery and impairing accountability.

We expect not less than 78 homecoming ceremonies across the county from elected and nominated MCAs, senators, CECMs, MPs, COs, governor and his deputy, W/Rep, County Speaker and the remaining.

With such humongous number of celebrations and each gobbling not less than Sh3 million we are coughing a total of not less than Sh234 million.

Be not misled to believe this money does not come from our county kitty… It surely does, especially if we are able to see the chain effect on wealth creation and money circulation as well as motivating causes that fuel corruption, consumerism and lack of capital investment.

As a contributor of good governance, I point it that the homecomings are not progressive investments and have no positive effects to the economic growth of our county. They are one too many, and just damn expensive.

On this note, and to be fair to those who are excited by merrymaking, may I humbly propose that we hold one major combined homecoming for all our elected, nominated and appointed public servants at Kajiado KCB grounds with a budget of not more than Sh3 million.

This will end our celebratory mood as a county and hold the honourable leaders to one thing – WORK ONLY.

Apparently, these extravaganza fetes cannot happen in Kajiado North because there you can’t beat drums of ignorance and mind games. It’s hard development and wealth creation only without the rhetoric of homecoming parties that only promote misplaced priorities.

Kajiado is in dire need which I can’t belabour here, and therefore, no time to waste on feasting, songs and praises.

Kajiado is on the rise and all fundamentals are in place for the county to take off and create wealth for our people.

Ole Lenku must provide strategic leadership and know that leadership is NOT “THE PRIZE” but an opportunity to serve.


Philip S Wuantai a Certified Public Accountant and author of this opinion.

*KNU is not responsible for any sentiments published on this page, whatsoever.

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