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OPINION: Lenku Be Warned, Illasit Has Demarcated Land for Modern Market

This is to alert my able governor, Joseph Jama Ole Lenku, in bringing to his attention some pertinent issues that ail Illasit Town of Kajiado South.

Your Excellency, your government is planning to build a modern market in my home town of Illasit.

For your information, it is in public domain that a group of self-centred people have visited and persuaded you to buy a piece of land within the town for millions of shillings.

Be in the know that the former Olkejuado County Council put aside 9 acres of land within Illasit town for the same purpose.

Your Excellency, the over Sh20million that might be used to purchase the said piece of land by your government should be used to build the proposed modern market without stressing county resources.

The people of Illasit have been without a market for their wares for more than 50 years since we attained independence.

We have seen you deliver on many of the promises you gave the people of this county during your election campaigns.

The people of Illasit are certain that you will deliver that modern market to them in specified time.

I am very optimistic you will find time to read my long letter written in good faith. We believe in you as our able governor, and we trust that you can.

Thank you, Your Excellency!


William Katoo

Illasit Town

Kajiado South.

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