Kajiado County Dorper Breeders Shine in This Year’s Nairobi Livestock Show

Successes of Kajiado County Dorper sheep farmers were immensely huge during this year’s livestock breeders show and sale in Nairobi.

This year’s show, as usual, was held at Jamhuri International Show grounds in Nairobi and was attended by many breeder farmers across the country.

Rimpa Estates, Arroi Dorperstuds owned by Benjamin ole Sein and MRTC (Isinya) owned by the Anglican Church of Kenya stood tall in the national championships.


Farmer Sein (Pictured below) said he prepared well, unlike yesteryear, this year and that his Dorper sheep  breeds did tremendously well in the recently concluded show.

He hopes to be back at the show come next year with mind boggling breeds of Dorpers. His breeds at Arroi are some of the best in the country, and have roots in South Africa where he gets his stock in the plains facing Table Mountain and Cape Town.





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