Where Are Some Of Our Former MCAs Who Served In the Last Assembly?

As some of the former MCAs ventured into alternative means of making money, majority of them cannot be accounted for in public life.

Daniel Kanchory.

We are aware that some have even ventured into Church Ministries and employment some are in transport business sector (boda boda and matatu).

Timothy Sayiore.

Today, KNU is posting some of the faces of former MCAs who served in the first assembly, and never made back after the last general election.


David Nkirrimpai.

It is good to remember and capture some of the best moments in the in the assembly, and why they were rejected by voters.

Diana Mepukori.

Doreen Beyo.

Elizabeth Santamo Nominated 2013.

Emily Kamari Lesian Nominated 2013.

Grace Chege Nominated 2013.

John Matinda (Iloodokilani) 2013 – 2017.

John Wainyoike (Nkaimurunya) 2013.


Leah Sopiato.

Mercy Gathoni nominated (2013).

Mercy Wanjiru Gathu Nominated 2013.




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