Commissioner Kipkemei Apologises To Namanga Rape Victims, Blames Police Inaction

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Commissioner David Kipkemei has apologised to rape victims in Namanga border town on Tuesday morning and admitted all happened after police “slept on job”.

“As a parent, I am also feeling for the victims. This happened because someone failed to provide security, and I promise the people of Namanga that action will be taken against the police officers from the local station,” said Kipkemei on Wednesday evening.

Kipkemei said there was “lapse” in security that allowed thugs to rule the town the entire night on Tuesday morning.

“Where were the officers supposed to patrol the town as is required of them? I will personally look into that matter. I will ensure that those charged with providing security must do their job. This is most foul incident to happen while I am at the helm in this county,” said the county commissioner.

The commissioner was reacting to Tuesday’s incident in Namanga border town where thugs raided several homes, defiling a minor of 12 years of age and raping a 25 year old woman.

The thugs, who residents claimed had one gun and machetes, raided four homes and looted them dry of cash and property.

Kajiado Central OCPD James Kimani contradicted the residents when he said the thugs stole Sh1, 500 shillings from a home they raped a woman.

A victim had claimed, and even recorded a statement with the police in Namanga town stating she lost Sh11, 500 with two phones.

It has also emerged that some of the thugs in the gang of four spotted by witnesses had put on uniforms similar to those won by administration police officers.

Another victim claimed she could identify one of them as one who served her at a local hotel in Namanga.

The local OCPD said no arrest had been made, more than 24 hours after the incident happened.

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