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Chaos in Bissil After Claims Police Handed Over Kenyan Suspects to Tanzania

Residents on Monday blocked Athi River/ Namanga highway at Bissil town to protest alleged police action to hand over local suspects to Tanzanian authorities.

Problem is said to have started on Saturday when a Kenyan from Bissil town transported his milk across Namanga border to a market in Tanzania, where he was arrested by Tanzanian police.

After the man was arrested, the Tanzanian police ordered him to drive to a local police station under an escort of one officer but instead of following instruction, he drove back to Kenya past the border line and stopped on the Kenyan side at Maili Tisa stage.

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A resident of Namanga, Peter Kaesha, who witnessed the Saturday drama said the Tanzanian police officer alighted at Maili Tisa stage and was thoroughly beaten by three men were later arrested and allegedly handed over to the authorities in Tanzania along with the driver of the milk car.

Kaesha told KNU from Namanga, the Tanzanian police officer was taken to Namanga Health Centre, where he was admitted for treatment and later discharged.

He said the Monday’s unrest started when a word came over from the Tanzanian side indicating that one of the suspects died on Sunday night.


Kajiado Central DCC, Charles Wambugu who was discharged to drive to the border town of Namanga by county commissioner, David Kipkemei, traveled to Longido and arrived back in Kenya after three 3.30pm.

Transporters heading and leaving Namanga stopped at Bissil town as morans locked the road with boulders, and could not allow cameras around there.

They warned journalists against taking photos of what was going on at Bissil. Most Matatus that were coming from Namanga were forced to go back after waiting for more than 8 hours to be allowed to proceed to Nairobi.

Police officers in Bissil watched the morans take over the road and could not use force to open the road against the wishes of the morans.

Sirote said the local Maasai are demanded an explanation why the Kenyan police decided to hand over Kenyan suspects to a foreign country and yet the mistake was committed at Maili Tisa.

After Wambogo came back to Kenya with news that all the suspects had not been beaten, as earlier alleged, the Morans in Bissil opened up the road and allowed cars to move freely.

The DCC insisted the suspects would be charged in Tanzania because they allegedly committed the offence in that country.

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“Kenya is not a department of Tanzania so that offenders in that country can be charged here. All we know is an offense was committed in Tanzania and that is where the case will be dispensed with,” said Wambugu.

He said none of the suspects had been killed through beating as earlier claimed and that all the suspects would be given bond on Tuesday so they can attend to court later.




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