Maa Leaders Tell Mount Kenya Swallow Pride, Support Ruto’s Presidential Bid

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Kajiado and Narok politicians have insisted the Kikuyu, and particularly President Uhuru Kenyatta, owe DP William Ruto political support in 2022 elections.

“The Kikuyu people cannot purport to claim they do not owe ‘Samoei’ anything. Other Kenyans are watching you, and will make their own judgement come 2022,” said former assistant minister, David Sankori.

He went on; “We are telling them to swallow their pride because those supporting Ruto for presidency are unstoppable.”

Sankori spoke in Kenyewa/Poka Ward in Kajiado East constituency during the homecoming ceremony for Rep ward, Henry Kimiti, which was attended by governor Joseph Lenku and his Narok counterpart Samuel Tunai.

Sankori, who was given more time than all the other politicians to address thousands of guests that thronged the home of Kimiti, said Ruto helped Kikuyus even while Kenyatta was being incarcerated at The Hague.

“Kenyatta handed briefly the ‘tools’ of power to Ruto to go and sort out his case in The Netherlands, and the Deputy President returned them back as soon as he came back. As Kenyans, we are just asking why are the Kikuyu people talking ill of the DP, and even swearing in the name of their gods that they will forsake him in 2022,” claimed Sankori.

The former assistant minister during former President Daniel arap Moi reign, wondered aloud why a section of the Mount Kenya leaders have no regard for Ruto, who tirelessly supported Kenyatta’s election in 2013 and last year.

“When their own was seeking the presidency, they praised Ruto for uniting his people and other Kenyans to vote for Kenyatta. What has now changed them”” asked Sankori.

Narok East MP, Ken Amarat and Kajiado West MP, George Sunkuyia supported Sankori’s sentiments and told the Maasai to unite ahead of 2022 elections and ensure their son (Ruto) from the pastoral community ascends to the presidency.

Governor Tunai, who did not directly indicate his support for DP Ruto, said he has forged a ‘working’ relation with governor Lenku ahead of 2022 general elections in a bid to unite the two communities from Narok and Kajiado in shaping their political and development satiny.

“Before we turn five years in our political offices, my brother Lenku and I will ensure that those seeking elective seats in 2022 will be vetted by elders. We will start from MCA positions in Kajiado and Narok thereafter we shall unite as Kajiado and Narok to campaign for them. The same will be applied for those seeking senate, women rep and MP positions,” said Tunai.

Tunai, a strong supporter of Ruto in the South Rift, said he will personally ensure that those who will be elected in 2022 are ‘clean and spotless’ people.

The Narok governor did not elaborate more on those he said will be clean and spotless but went to say that after Narok and Kajiado have formed ties, the block will decide the political future for all the Maasai and pastoralist communities across the country.

All the leaders who spoke in Kenyewa/Poka supported President Kenyatta’s Big 4 Agenda and said it means well for the country.

They told Kenyatta they will support him to the end of his term because of his ‘good’ leadership.

Lenku, who spoke last, reiterated his support for the President and told the Kajiado Maasai to unite with the people of Narok in defining their destiny.

“I am supporting this unity of purpose with my brother Tunai, and I am saying this is the way to go. Unity of our people is important, and we have no choice but to stand together and make our own destiny,” said Lenku.

The governor said he will fight on to wrestle Nol-Turesh Water Services for the people of Kajiado because that water from Kilimanjaro is their resource.

The water the governor was referring is supplied to Makueni and Machakos county after Kajiado. The matter is often referred to as ‘hot potato’ by leaders from the three counties.

Lenku said; “If it becomes hard for me to secure that water, I will use all the available and reachable means to get it.”

He did not elaborate what he meant by referring to ‘available and reachable means’.

Speaking during the same function nominated and former Olkeri MCA, Onesmus Ngogoyo, thanked the people of Kenyewa for voting out former governor David Nkedianye and replacing him with Lenku.

“Lenku is a uniting leader and has opened up the county for investors, who Nkedianye had locked out. I am thanking governor Tunai for his wisdom and effort to unite Kajiado and Narok. As MCAs, we will stand by you and follow your direction ahead of 2022 general elections,” said Ngogoyo.

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