Eight Nominated MCAs in Tight Race for County Women Caucus Positions

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Women caucus politics have taken centre-stage in Kajiado as alignments, realignments and jostling among female MCAs hot up ahead of August election.

So far, as women campaign for positions of chair and vice for Kajiado Women Caucus, eight nominated MCAs have registered their interest.

The nominated MCAs rejected an earlier arrangement made by elected MCAs along with county assembly speaker, Johnson Osoi, to have Lucy Wachuka as their nominee for the position of Kajiado County Women Caucus chairperson.


Nominated MCA, Faith Sianka, during an interview said that after Osoi picked Wachuka to chair the caucus, some of her colleagues in the assembly raised several issues and later rejected the nominated MCA from Kajiado North.

“I personally did not have issues with Wachuka but some of our colleagues said women affairs had nothing to do with men. They had picked Wachuka because of her age and long experience in politics. We have now said we will go to the polls at a place we are yet to settle on,” said Sianka.

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She said she is also in the race, and that she would not mind letting out the seat for a jubilee nominee.

Another prospective candidate is the youthful Jubilee nominee, Yvonne Tonkei, who has vowed to take up the seat.

Tonkei, a go-getter, will face older women in the race that is said to have attracted the interest of the speaker of the county assembly and even that of the governor, Joseph ole Lenku.

Some of the candidates, who chose to remain anonymous, said political heavyweights in the county are ‘oiling’ campaigns for certain candidates and are determined to take the two leading positions.

The position of the county women caucus chairman is said will be most equivalent with that of the Majority Leader in the assembly and will attract ‘handsome’ allowance packages.

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Some of the other candidates in the race include; Patricia Mparia, Grace Koitumet, Violet Wahinya, Winnie Sein and Josephine Sharar.

Unconfirmed reports indicate Wiper nominated MCA, Grace Parantai and Party of National Unity nominee, Jacquelyn Lalaito, are eyeing the position of vice chairman.

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Parantai and Lalaito are both respected nominated MCAs in the assembly, but it is rumoured that Jubilee nominated MCAs will make it difficult for them to ascend to any position.

Some of the MCAs we interviewed regarding the impending election claimed that two nominees who are likely to carry the day are likely to be Wachuka and Sharar.

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Sharar represents women with disability in the county assembly and is said to be more focused in articulating issues about women in the assembly.

The position of the county women caucus leadership is said to have come up after majority of nominated MCAs, especially females, raised pertinent issues about their leadership following claims that the county women rep lost touch with her folk as soon as she was elected in August last year.

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“We feel there is a vacuum in our leadership after unanimously electing county women representative to go to parliament to articulate our issues.  She immediately went into slumber, and this is the reason we want to have our own leader from the women we have in the assembly,” said a female MCA.

As the debate on women leadership is now gaining momentum, it is rumoured that an opposition MCA from the Wiper side is being groomed to take on Kajiado Women Representative, Janet Teyiaa, in 2022.

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It is said that the MCA could be her on her way to Jubilee before the end of her term in preparation for the 2022 duel with the incumbent.

Apparently, the sitting Women MP and the MCA come from Keek-Onyokie Ward.

When we reached out to the MCA, she did not discount the rumour or confirmed she will be in the race for the parliamentary position.

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“This is news to me because I am hearing from you for the first time. I have not made any decision personally, and if people are talking about it, I am yet to come to terms with that news item,” said the MCA.


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