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House Committee Summons Three CSs Over Mau Forest Saga – MP Memusi

Two MPs on Friday said three CSs have been summoned to appear before the House committee on Land over the ongoing Mau saga.

Kajiado Central MP, Memusi Kanchory and his Kitui Central counterpart, Makali Muli, who spoke in Kajiado town, said parliament wants to establish the genesis of events that have come to dog Mau rain catchment land.

Kanchori said those who have already summoned include; CS Lands, CS Environment and CS Tourism who will be required to appear next week before committee on lands in the House.

He said parliament wants to establish how Mau land was dished out to individuals who later sold out their subdivided portions to other Kenyans.

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“We should appear to be chasing the small fish now owning land without establishing who actually gave out massive sections of land that was later in the years cut into small plots and sold out,” said Kanchori.

The MP said the CS, Environment, will appear before the committee to explain the damage caused by invaders in the Mau region and what the government is doing to save the forest.

“We also want to question Tourism CS to explain its involvement in Mau forest and if it had raised any issue over the invasion before,” said Memusi.

The two leaders, who spoke after the launch of Kajiado Central National Government Constituencies Development Fund Strategic Plan, said Mau issue has been politicised and made to look as if it is matter concerning the Kalenjin and Maasai.

Muli said it is a pity that to watch the degradation of Mau Forest as the country’s leadership sits back and allow people destroy a resource that defines the lives of more than10 million people.

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“This is not about Kenya. This is an international matter that calls for both local and international intervention. Our leaders from both the political divide should put their politics aside and put their heads together to save the Mau,” said Muli.

Earlier, Memusi said there should be order in the on-going eviction carried out by the government as parliament interrogates the matter.

“We want to have a lasting solution to this issue of Mau. We do not want the matter to recur every time the country is headed for an election,” said Memusi.

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He said Senator Kipchumba Murkomen and his Narok counterpart Olekina Ledama should not waste their energies by appearing to politicise the Mau issue but seek a common ground that will assist the government do a smooth eviction.

“We are aware of the suffering of those being evicted, but again order has to be put in place and will require an input of all the caring Kenyans to make this exercise a success,” said Memusi.



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