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Let Delocalisation in Our Teaching Institutions Die Unnatural Death

By Anonymous.

Sometimes ago, I penned a hard-hitting article critical of delocalisation of teachers, and how it was handled by Teachers Service Commission.

Some people dismissed me as a spoilt child crying wolf and creating unnecessary emotions over a well thought government initiative.

I was advised to accept and move on. I refused to budge preferring to speak my mind openly other than burying my head in the sand.

Whereas I wasn’t totally opposed to delocalisation parse, I was opposed in the manner it was hyped up, and generally executed.

I warned that it was silently creating bitterness, instability, rejection, apprehension, instabilities, and overt rebellions.

Later on, I discovered that some heads had actually been stigmatised by delocalisation.

I remember one day I woke up to receive invitation of “all delocalised heads”, the invitation which was attended by top county and national leadership associated with education was christened;  “orientation of newly delocalised heads,”

There was somber mood that enveloped the meeting throughout. Teachers being masters of acting tried to create humour here and there but I was able to read deep, albeit, covert resentment in the delocalised people therein.

Probably, I was one of the very few who had accepted the reality.  One month down the line, statistics are damning.

Nearly all the schools headed by delocalised principals are going through extremely turbulent times. This is so especially in Meru county. Very few are enjoying total calmness.

We are monitored daily by the local education leadership and we have to give daily report about our schools.

Gun-toting policemen are at times our guests just to ensure all goes well.

Even those of us who thought we had enough experience to deal with mankind are struggling to stay afloat. We are even advised to walk with weapons.

To some of us carrying of weapons or walking in the company of security people in school is anathema! We are not used to that. It’s sickening.

Yes, and, granted! We have received full government support including arbitrarily excluding students (I have excluded 24) and frog marching them in court (one of our boys is facing court charge) but boys are not yet subdued. It’s a classic case of ‘aluta continua.’

Surely my heart bleeds when I hound young people out of school, throw others in police cells, and probably jail – Just in the name of delocalisation.

I found a school with an enrollment of 198 but which has dwindled to 167 because of delocalisation.

And remember it is aluta continua! It’s pathetic! I wonder why people are not talking about it. I may even be doing much better than many of my colleagues.

At least I found good friends from 27 in a group of Maa speakers, who understand my language. They are change agents. It would have been worse.

I have often joked before that in a school, you must master the skill of politics. Here, it’s not a joke! If you are “politically” inept, then you can’t survive even for a day.

Well, I predicted and I still believe delocalisation as is currently executed, will die unnatural death.

In fact, the only thing standing between delocalisation and TSC refusal to set it aside is ego.




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