Semera Shuts Dissenting Voices, Says Inspectorate Department Staff Paid Their Dues

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

A section of county askaris have sought blogger services to direct their anger at the regional government’s alleged failure to pay their ‘allowances’.

They claimed they are no longer getting overtime, risk, breakfast and lunch allowances after the new administration took over in August last year.

Some of the issues raised on social media based on the claims by the inspectorate staff could be subject of libel as none of the authors have not sought clarification from the authorities.

Some of the askaris who talked to Kajiado News Update in camera accused a senior official at the revenue department of being ‘insensitive’ to them by failing to recognise they are also employees of the county government.

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“Our bone of contention is that, we have helped the county government achieve its targets in revenue collection which is estimated to at Sh1.5 billion as at June 30, 2019. It was the effort of all the enforcement officers to make this a reality, and yet we are not given what is due to us,” said one officer in Ngong today.

The enforcement officer claimed that since last September they have been leaving their houses at 6am and closing business after six without them being provided breakfast or even  lunch despite working ‘tirelessly’ for the employer.

The officer claimed that instead of governor Joseph Lenku appreciating and recognizing them for enabling him realise his dream, he has “instead taking senior officers for a retreat in Mombasa”.

But while reacting to those claims, county finance Minster, Michael Semera, dismissed as baseless the claims, adding that all employees are treated equally and no one is treated special.

“What they are claiming is not true because we paid each staff during the revenue collection campaign. We have not taken anyone for retreat anywhere,” said Semera.

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Semera spoke on phone from Mombasa when he said those claiming allowances are “the ones who we blocked all their loopholes to steal revenue collected”.

“We made sure that all the revenue collected reached desired county government account. They are now fidgeting because they have nowhere to steal from. What allowances are they claiming and yet we pay them salaries to work?” asked Semera.

Semera said the county government has the goodwill of the tax payers and it will reciprocate by building good relation with them by building roads and providing conducive environment to do business.

He said Lenku decided to walk on murky waters early in the year by exercising one of the boldest executive order provided to him by the county government Act and ensure protection of public money in the hands of corrupt revenue collectors.

The governor made several changes in the revenue department, and even moving those who had assumed to be untouchable after they were installed by the previous regime.

The governor stood firm in his resolve, and chose service delivery over politics. Those he considered were letting him down in the revenue department were shown the door.

Lenku cleaned the department that was staggering to collect revenue of Sh700 million set by his predecessor, David Nkedianye, and in 7 months in office, it had 700 million, which is slightly over 500 million in the past.

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The governor, earlier, told KNU he has a mandate to deliver services to the people of Kajiado. During Nkedianye’s regime revenue collection stood still at 700 million.

After taking over at the helm, Lenku did his research and said the county had the potential of raising more than one billion shillings in a year.

This might have informed Lenku’s pronouncement at the beginning when he held a meeting with the team he suspended from the revenue department.

He warned them that they have to hit the target or less they go.  True to his word, a few weeks later he sent the team packing.

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