Not Responsible For Houses’ Demolition on EAPCC Land, Top Cop Tells Court

A puzzle emerged in court on Friday when Athi River police boss denied being party for Thursday demolition of houses on Portland farm.

The police denied the responsibility just as Portland did on Thursday saying it was not involved in the eviction and demolition of houses.

Athi River OCPD Sharma Wario told Machakos court he did not oversee the eviction and demolition of houses.

His duty in the farm was to restore order in the area known to be harbouring criminals, he said.

Wario had appeared before Justice O. Angote of the Environment and Lands Court sitting in Machakos.

The court had ordered Wario to appear before it and explain under what circumstances the demolitions were carried out.

Appearing before the court, Wario said he did not know who demolished the structures.

The court ordered that the demolitions be stopped fourth with.

Angote also directed that the county’s police commander Samuel Mukindia do a report and present before the court on July 31.



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