Tiati MP Kamket Lures Kajiado Maasai, Predicts 2022 Presidential Loser

Kajiado News Update

Kajiado News Update

We are bold in presenting our news as we move to all Maa counties across the country.

Tiati MP, William Kamket has said he is not a prophet but can predict who will become Kenya’s next president in 2022 general election.

Kamket said he applied ‘mathematics of elimination’ to know who is unlikely to be the next president leaving an option of three people; Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka and Gideon Moi.

He was speaking at the homecoming party of Kajiado nominated Wiper MCA, Grace Parantai, at her Keek-Onyokie Ward home, on Saturday when he remarked that one of those seeking the presidency in 2022 had been cursed.

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Without mentioning names, Kamket, told a mammoth crowd at the home of the MCA, that the man he is referring to as the most unlikely to become president is “one who once told former President Daniel arap Moi to swallow saliva”.

Kamket, who earlier in the year came up with a bill in parliament aimed at radically changing the presidency by whittling down its powers and introducing a powerful prime minister, claimed Kenyans know who he is talking about, and “there is no need to expound further”.

The MP, who has on several occasions publicly confessed he is not a “systems person” but a non-conformist, electrified Wiper elected leaders at the function including Kalonzo Musyoka, when he said those who have gone to former President Moi’s Kabarak home to seek “blessings” will be future presidents of Kenya.

He told Kalonzo to also seek blessings from former president if he is excited about becoming the next president.

“It has come a time when all the children of Moi should come together and form allies with other Kenyans to form the next government. Definitely, the one who abused Mzee Moi will not be in this league,” said Kamket.

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The controversial Kanu politician said the late William Ntimama handed Kajiado Central MP, Kanchory Memusi, power and blessings to lead the Maasai before he went to be with the Lord.

“We are telling the Maa people, through Memusi, to rally along other Kenyans of goodwill and ensure that this crooked leader does not see power in 2022,” said Kamket without naming names.

He said the current constitution, as it is, does not guarantee the safety of Kenyans in future successive presidential elections.

Speaking during the same occasion, Memusi said time for the Maasai people to stand upto be counted is now.

“In 2022, the seat of the president will be vacant, and the Maa nation should be part and parcel of future successive governments.  We want our own party so we can negotiate with others about power sharing. We cannot, forever, play a second fiddle in independent Kenya,” said Memusi.

Memusi said he supports President Uhuru Kenyatta’s proposal for a lifestyle audit to all the leaders and other serving in senior positions in government.

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He said anyone with a past riddled in corruption will be locked out of competitive election.

“While we support the fight on corruption, we in the opposition will only wait for whom Baba {Raila Odinga} will tell us to support in the next election. Deputy President William Ruto can as well go to the opposition,” said Memusi.

Wiper Leader, Musyoka, claimed Interior CS Fred Matiang’i is “sleeping” on the job as the country bleeds with poisonous sugar getting in to the market.

He asked the CS to charge in court those he knows to have contravened the laws by importing injurious substances to the country.

“We are even aware of parliamentary committee members taking selfie-snaps with law breakers after they appear before their committees. This is a strong indication they are eating together from the proceeds that are killing Kenyans,” claimed Musyoka.

Among those present at the homecoming ceremony were; Kajiado deputy governor, Martin Moshisho, legislators Mutula Kilonzo, Daniel Maanzo, Judith Shijendi and Ken Musyoka of EALA.

Also present were 21 Kajiado MCAs, mostly from Jubilee, led by county speaker Johnson Osoi.

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