MCA Says He lost Mother at Tender Age For Lack Of Medical Facility in Olkeri

Nominated MCA, Onesmas Ngogoyo (pictured), says he is proud he achieved his dream as elected Olkeri Ward rep after building Matasia Hospital.

Ngogoyo, who spoke recently during the official opening of the hospital, moved the crowd to tears when he said he lost his mother at tender age while she was giving birth.

Ngogoyo, who is the immediate former Olkeri ward MCA, said; “When I was elected, made sure that we had to build a hospital here as there is none in Kiserian and people have to go to either Ngong or Ongata Rongai.”

He then paused for a moment and said; “I am happy today that I managed to achieve this project, it was one of my major dreams as MCA. Even if I would get nothing else I am very fulfilled to see women coming to this hospital today. Our people must never lose their lives due to lack of good healthcare.”

“I lost my mother while I was still young as she was giving birth, that is why I ensured that this hospital has a maternity wing, healthcare is in my heart, and never again should we lose a mother or a child during birth in this time and age.”




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