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Nol-Turesh Company Staff Strike Caused Water Shortage in Kajiado, Makueni Counties

Kajiado county government on Wednesday denied claims it disconnected Nol-Turesh pipeline water to Makueni and Machakos counties.

County water executive committee member Florence Waiganjo (pictured above) told the Star on telephone the problem has been Nol-Turesh water and sewerage company staff who downed their tools one month ago.

“Access to water is a right of everyone and we are committed to doing our best to resolve the matter the soonest. I am now getting in to a meeting with the water company board in Emali right now to see how best we can get water to homes in Kajiado and Makueni,” said Waiganjo.

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Waiganjo further said her county and Makueini have raised one month’s salary for the water company staff as one way of calling back the workers to start work.

“We have also accepted to sort out staff car loans that have not been remitted by the company which had been docked with alleged embezzlement of funds and poor management,” said Waiganjo.

She said they have had many meetings with the water company union members and was unable to resolve some of the issues raised including their demand to be included in the management of the company.

“These are some of the challenges that have also disabled our effort in working on are turn to work formula. They told us to sack the management staff, and we did that but now they want to be managers,” said Waiganjo.

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The company’s CEO, Jeremy Mutende, resigned last month in what he claimed was interference from the company staff and outside.

Mutende, early in the year was directed by Kajiado governor Joseph Lenku to ensure the people of the county are given priority in water supply before other counties are considered.

Lenku’s sentiment did not auger well with the leadership in Machakos and Makueni as it attracted a big debate that almost threatened relationship of Kajiado residents and those of the two other counties.

On Wednesday, Waiganjo clarified that Lenku meant well in his comment and Makueni has been getting its fair share of the Nol-Turesh water.

“I have had meetings with county commissioners of both Makueni and Kajiado in seeking their help in securing this Nol-Turesh water pipeline that has also been docked by vandalism and people diverting water to their farms,” said Waiganjo.

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She said it is an offence to divert clean water meant for home uses to farms and anyone found breaking the law will be arrested and charged for that offence.

Early in the week, thousands of Makueni residents blocked Nairobi-Mombasa highway at Emali town to protest to Kajiado for blocking water to their county.

One person was injured in the protests that took an entire day with running battles between the rioters and law enforcement officers.



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