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I Will Not Allow Anyone to Derail My unity Plan for Kajiado, Says Lenku

Self proclaimed prophet and Nominated MCA, Onesmas Ngogoyo, says the ‘stars’ tells him the entire county public service board commissioners “will go home”, Reports TG Marigi in Kiserian.

Ngogoyo, who spoke during this year’s Ushirika Day in Kiserian, he might not be a prophet but swore before a mammoth crowd the board must go home.

He appealed to Governor Joseph ole Lenku, who was the guest of the day, to keep some safe distance as the assembly deals with the board “accordingly”.

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The nominated MCA was reacting to a report damning report on the board made by the county assembly committee on public service which claimed that it is docked by “nepotism” and mired by clanism issues.

The board made headlines in the last one week after it short listed job applicants that did not please the residents of Kajiado with most of them claiming that deserving job seekers were left out in “favour of relatives of the board commissioners”.

It was Keek-Onyokie MCA, Moses Saoyo, who threw the first salvo when he said he is saddened by the “wayward” actions of the board.

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“I am saddened that in this century people could discriminate others and only employ their relatives,” said Saoyo as he looked around to check facial reaction of the crowd.

Saoyo said the county assembly is going to act against the board accordingly as provided by the law, and told those shortlisted earlier not to worry as they will still get their fair size of the cake.

Ongata Rongai MCA, Mwathi Pere said, “If that board thinks they will oppress the people of Kajiado, I am advising them to forget that completely, it can never happen”.

ODM nominated MCA Sandra Mario was applauded when she stated that the county assembly will not allow any resident of Kajiado to suffer in the hands of people whom the assembly has powers to send home.

Mario said; “We will stand firm as leaders in the assembly to make sure everyone is served equally regardless of tribe or party affiliation.”

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Self proclaimed ‘General’ Philip Mpaayei, who appeared visibly irritated board’s alleged action said; “Discrimination of qualified people will never be allowed”.

He said even before the county assembly sends the board home, it is him as the ambassador of devolution that shall send the board home.

Reacting to outburst by elected leaders, Lenku made it clear that employment and resources in the county will be shared equally without any discrimination.




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